Nook News – 10/30/23 | Spooky Sales and Disappearing Friends

Visual Novel News: Various Halloween sales are taking place on Steam, JAST USA, MangaGamer and other storefronts. Looking for something to fit the spooky season? NookGaming has highlighted some visual novels, many of which are currently on sale. You can find more visual novels on sale here Frontwing USA have now released GINKA via Steam. […]

XReal Air 2 - Featured Image
Hardware Review

XREAL Air 2 – Review | Experience a Personal Cinema with AR Glasses

The XREAL Air 2 is coming out in the UK soon. After venturing to London to attend their invite-only media event (and EGX while I was there), I walked away with an early pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses and wanted to share my thoughts on them. XReal (formerly NReal) isn’t new to this at […]

Destiny Star Girlfriend - Featured Image v5
Review Visual Novel

Destiny Star Girlfriend – Review

Destiny Star Girlfriend (Shukusei no Girlfriend -the destiny star of girlfriend-), developed by mirai and published by Shiravune, is one of those rare single heroine visual novels. Focusing on a relationship between an underwhelming guy and an arrogant magical girl, it’s a short and sweet romantic comedy. Tied Together Seiji has a crush on his […]

Crymachina - Featured Image Enoa Version
Action Anime Hack'N'Slash Review

Crymachina – Review | What Does it Mean to be Human?

What does it mean to be a real human? This question is at the core of Crymachina, an action RPG set in a world where humanity died out long ago. NIS America is bringing us this emotional sci-fi tale from developer FURYU. Humans Never Change Crymachina opens as Leben wakes up in a robotic body. […]

Crymachina - Featured Image Guide
Action Anime Guides and Tips Hack'N'Slash

Crymachina – Portals, Bosses and Coordinates Guide

Crymachina is a fairly straightforward game in terms of playing through the story, but it does offer some optional hidden content. There are unlockable portals in many of the levels with tough mini-bosses and you can enter subnetwork coordinates to try and unlock new optional levels. This guide will provide some information about how to […]

KONOSUBA - God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! - Demo Impressions Featured Image
Anime Feature Visual Novel

KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! – EGX Demo Impressions

Like many others, I quite like KonoSuba. I’ve watched the anime, the movie, the prequel, and I’ve even picked up some of the light novels. So when I heard PQube was going to publish the KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! visual novel, I knew I had […]

Taimanin Asagi - Featured Image Guide
Adult Game Guides and Tips Visual Novel

Taimanin Asagi – Walkthrough & Guide

Taimanin Asagi offers a long common route with up to six choices leading up to an end. There are four possible endings. This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various endings, mention Steam achievements, and explain the situation regarding the adult patch. No CGs can be missed if you complete all […]

Taimanin Asagi - Featured Image 2
Adult Game Review Visual Novel

Taimanin Asagi – Review

Taimanin Asagi by Lilith-Soft is a nukige, a visual novel focused very much on erotic content. Catering primarily to certain darker fetishes and only running a few hours long, it won’t be for everyone, despite being from a somewhat well-known franchise.  Shiravune’s release of Taimanin Asagi is based on a slightly more recent version than […]

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Review Visual Novel

Secret Agent – Review

Secret Agent (Secret Agent ~Kishi Gakuen no Shinobi Naru Mono~) follows a modern-day ninja infiltrating a school, ruled by an order of student knights, in a high-tech city where everyone uses augmented reality to get around. It’s a setting that feels like a contradiction, but that makes it interesting. This visual novel published by NekoNyan […]