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Ion Fury – Review | A Rampageous “Old-School” FPS

First Person Shooters have been a lucrative genre since inception, mostly down to the overwhelming, and continued success of the DOOM franchise. The ’90s were where it was at. The dawn of a new age. The coming of death, blood, monsters, and more importantly – puns. It was a glorious time. A rampageous time. But […]

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Streets of Rage 4 – Review | Punch You In the Face

I grew up in the 90’s; the era of Arcades and DDR competitions. Consoles themselves were home to titles whose sole objective was getting the highest score. Double Dragon and Streets of Rage were two franchises I frequented. The game-play was so addictive. It was also nice to be unlocking extra additions simply by playing the game. Something that […]

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Trailer Trashers – Review | Have Friends, Will Slaughter

Finally, a game that answers the question: What would happen if we let kids play with guns? I didn’t really know what to expect going into Trailer Trashers. Aside from the typical reviewer ignorance, I’ve also preferred to fly solo for most of my gaming career – avoiding multiplayer titles like the plague. I didn’t […]

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Sakura Wars – Preview | The New Imperial Combat Revue

Note: The full review of Sakura Wars can be found here. This is a pre-release preview. Introduction It’s time to raise the curtains on the newest instalment of Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4 – otherwise known as Project Sakura Wars or Shin Sakura Taisen. It’s a dramatic 3D action-adventure series that has you take command […]

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Effie – Review | The tale of Galand the Lazy

Gather around everyone. We’re about to hear the story of Galand from the title Effie. It’s an action/platform title developed by Inverge Studios. It was published June 2019 for the PS4 and January 28th for Steam as part of the PlayStation Talents Game Camp Program. I will be reviewing the Steam version! First and Foremost, […]

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The Wizards: Enhanced Edition – VR Review

Before I begin, there are two things to say. First off, this game has two modes of movement: Mixed (smooth locomotion and teleportation), and teleportation only, so if you feel disorientation when movement is simulated in VR, you’ve got nothing to worry about with this game, and you can play this game just fine. Secondly, […]