Splatoon 3 Side Order - Featured Image
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Splatoon 3: Side Order – Review

Released back in 2022, Splatoon 3 was the latest entry in Nintendo’s very successful competitive shooter series. Despite some hiccups with its multiplayer and inconsistent servers, it was the game that gave me a long-term interest in the series. More than a year later, the hotly anticipated expansion has arrived to give us even more. […]

Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island - Featured Image
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Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island – Review

You’ve most likely heard of the Mystery Dungeon series through its various crossovers over the years with the likes of Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, and Final Fantasy. While it started out as a spinoff of Dragon Quest IV, it soon took on a life all its own in the form of Shiren the Wanderer. Shiren’s journey has spanned nearly […]

BlazBlue: Entropy Effect - Featured Image
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BlazBlue: Entropy Effect – Review

BlazBlue has seemingly always prided itself on strange titles, much in the vein of the completely nonsensical naming conventions of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Big hair and daft names aside, one aspect BlazBlue hasn’t fully capitalized on yet is spin-off titles. But things are about to change with the Early Access release of BlazBlue: Entropy […]

Moonscars - Featured Image
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Moonscars – Review | A Well Moulded Metroidvania

Metroidvanias are surging in popularity. With simple mechanics that feature abilities, upgrades, backtracking, and exploration, two things serve to make one of these titles stand out amongst the crowd – world design and rewarding combat. This is what I paid the closest attention to when playing Moonscars, the début entry from developers Black Mermaid. Will […]

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Golfie – Review | Not Yet Under Par

Rougelike deckbuilding minigolf—those three words were all it took to entice me to give Golfie from developer Triheart Studios a try. It’s a genius idea that could become something great with the right vision. While Golfie is still in early access and might change, the current version fundamentally misses what makes minigolf fun. Tee Time […]

ED-0: Zombie Uprising - Featured Image
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ED-0: Zombie Uprising – Review

ED-0: Zombie Uprising is the latest title from D3Publisher, the minds behind the cult “Simple Series” which spawned titles such as Onechanbara and Earth Defence Force. Does this shuffling corpse have the chance to be another cult classic? Let’s find out! Mr ED-0 ED-0: Zombie Uprising is set in the Edo period in Japan and […]

Monster Train - Featured Image
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Monster Train – Review

Ever since Slay the Spire landed to critical and public acclaim way back in 2017, the Deckbuilding Roguelikes have flocked to copy its formula and emulate its success. Naturally, all these pretenders have failed. Along comes Monster Train by Shiny Shoe and suddenly, everything changed.  ALL ABOARD! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Whilst on the surface Monster Train could […]