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Gioteck TX70 Wireless Headset – Review

Finding a good headset at a reasonable price is difficult – at least if you want a wireless one. Need it to include a microphone too? I’ve not found a huge amount of options when searching in the past. With that, I was pretty surprised to come across the Gioteck TX70 Wireless headset.

Set Up

The Gioteck TX70 Wireless headset works with the PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Plus anything else you can stick a 3.5mm cable into, so XBox, Switch or mobile are options if you want to use it wired. Setup was fairly easy. I charged it up via the provided cable on arrival, then I was using it within a couple of minutes.

On PC I just plugged the USB dongle in, turned on the headset and it automatically started working. On PlayStation, I quickly went into the audio settings to adjust. It was pretty simple. It came with instructions that explained how to pair the headset and dongle, but this was already done on arrival.

Gioteck TX70 - Box Contents


The sound quality coming out of the Gioteck TX70 Wireless is surprisingly good considering the price. Having tried quite a few different headsets, I’ve seen a strong link between the sound and the price. Despite this, it comes out incredibly clear. It isn’t perfect and it won’t beat pricey models like the Steelseries Arctic 7, but it certainly measures up to some more expensive headsets.

I noticed that the bass is particularly good on this headset, even before clicking the optional EQ mode. Having tried it with various games, TV, and music, I haven’t noticed any issues with high frequencies that sometimes do affect the cheaper models or those focused more on loudness.

The microphone was decent, but not as impressive. It’s a flip-out type and the position can’t be adjusted. Voices come through clearly, but there always seemed to be background sound. It’s not a huge issue if you’re just using it to play with friends occasionally, but it wouldn’t be great for content creation or long talks. Even worse if you’re using it next to a loud computer or console.

The Headset Itself

The build quality and functions of the headset seem reasonable, considering the price. While the Gioteck TX70 Wireless is missing some features compared to more expensive models, I don’t have any complaints.

Looking at the build itself, the majority is plastic. That said, it still seems fairly strong. The band is one example. It doesn’t appear to be reinforced with metal like some of my other headsets, but I’ve no concerns about it snapping unless purposely done. Speaking of the band, it comes with a mesh band and earpads. This is a personal preference, but I like these more than the faux leather options.

The earpads are a square design which I found a little unusual. Putting the headset on, I found it quite comfortable but it takes a brief adjustment each time due to the shape. This may not affect some people and wasn’t really a bother. It’s not particularly heavy either and I had no issues wearing it for hours.

One interesting note is that the size can be adjusted quite a bit. Due to this, I found it to work with the Oculus Quest 2. I mentioned the lack of audio quality in our review of that virtual reality headset, so the Gioteck TX70 Wireless could pair well with it.

One thing that did take a little getting used to; The Gioteck TX70 Wireless has low profile buttons. It occasionally took me a while to find the volume buttons. It was fine after a few times, but it’s something to be aware of.


The main benefit of this headset is that it’s wireless – something that isn’t true of many decent headsets at this price point. Fortunately, it’s not skimped out on that function at all.

The signal stayed clear and strong without any issues within a normal distance. In fact, I had to go to the completely opposite side of the house to start to lose connection. It’s on exactly the same level as Bose, Corsair, or SteelSeries models that I’ve owned.

The battery claims a 15 hour time and this is about right. Taking a few hours to charge, it lasts quite a long time. This isn’t quite as long as some other headsets, but I feel that it’s certainly good enough.


The Gioteck TX70 Wireless impressed me quite a bit. It’s certainly not the best headset I’ve owned and it has its weaknesses. That said, it’s certainly the best one I’ve tried in this price range in terms of sound quality and features. It’s a great budget option, which does seem to be what Gioteck specializes in.


Primary Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Additional Platforms via cable: XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile

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Many thanks go to Gioteck for a review unit.

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