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KIWI Design USB Radiator Fans Accessories for Valve Index – Review

While not perfect, the Valve Index is an amazing VR headset. But like any of them, it runs hot at times. This can get quite uncomfortable, especially when playing intensive games like Beat Saber. It might even cause sweat to run into the headset and cause problems over time. The KIWI design USB Radiator Fans Accessories for Valve Index are designed to stop that. But does it do the job?

KIWI design USB Radiator Fans Accessories for Valve Index - Unboxing

Opening Up

The fans came in a small plain box, but it was well-padded inside. This turned out to be a good thing, as I heard four loud noises as the delivery person forced it through my letterbox. Top marks for protection.

Opening it up revealed the device itself. It’s quite small, consisting only of the fan accessory with a USB cable attached to it. While several similar accessories are called ‘radiator fans’, they’re not similar to a the radiator fan in a car. They essentially just expel the heated air through a grille. 

In Foam

The Install

Setting everything up was easy and there were no problems. The front cover of the Valve Index was removed – it just pulls off easily. The USB cable inserts into the port underneath. Then the fans just push into the ‘frunk’.

It sits in the frunk very snugly. The fans don’t move at all when using the headset, which is certainly a good thing. They do take a little bit of force to uninstall, but this didn’t cause any issues.

To turn the KIWI design USB Radiator Fans Accessories for Valve Index on, all that is needed is to press a button. So I pressed it and gave it a try.


The first thing I noticed on turning the fans on was the noise. It makes a fairly quiet noise, but still one that is noticeable if everything else is quiet. During many games, the game audio covered this completely but it’s worth keeping in mind for very quiet games. The eerie silence in a horror title may be somewhat interrupted by a fan sound, but that said this is far more likely to be useful for active titles such as rhythm games.

Being unable to measure the temperature inside of the headset, I tried a variety of games with both the fans on and off. While I can’t quantify it, there was a small but noticeable difference in temperature with the fans on. It certainly increased the comfort by lowering the heat and let me play for longer without taking a break. It isn’t exactly having air conditioning, but even a little bit helps when it comes to comfort.


The KIWI design USB Radiator Fans Accessories for Valve Index helps to keep the player cool, at least somewhat. With the Valve Index being so expensive, it’s worth buying these little extras to take care of it too. While it doesn’t make a huge difference, I feel it makes enough of one to go grab one of these; doubly so if you often play games that make you sweat.


Platforms: Valve Index

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Many thanks go to Kiwi Design for a review unit.

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