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Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS – Review

Looking for a new headset? With the ability to connect to PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and more, along with comfort and high-quality audio, the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS is worth considering.

Ears Off. Comfort On.

You’d be forgiven for panicking when you open the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS. The earcups come partially detached from the headband, dangling loosely by a thin cable. The first part of setup is choosing one of the three slots to clip the earcups into depending on the size of your head. Fortunately, this is very secure when it is slotted in.

I was concerned that it might not be comfortable. It’s true that it isn’t as precise a fit as an adjustable headband. While I was conscious of it at first, I stopped noticing after a while as it felt fine. If your head is on the larger side though, this might not be true for you. Even the largest fit felt a little bit tight to me whereas I can expand some other headsets so that they feel too loose.

Adding to the comfort is that the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS feels incredibly light. It achieves this by primarily being constructed of plastic. Despite this, it feels sturdy enough and the headband flexes somewhat without breaking. The padding on the earcups and headband is nice and soft too, which certainly helps in terms of comfort. I’ve been wearing it for up to 8 hours at a time while testing out the 18-24 hour battery life and never found it became uncomfortable.

As one minor bother, all of the controls are on the left earcup. This isn’t a problem as such, but it did take some getting used to. The volume control for every other headset I own is on the right.

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS - Box Contents

Quality Audio

The sound quality on the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS is quite high, considering the price point. It’s suitable for listening to music, gaming audio, speech, and most general purposes. It has a good amount of detail with subtle sounds distinguishable, is balanced, and has several available EQ presets to boost bass, voice, clarity, and more accessed via an app. There’s a preset for FPS too, though enthusiasts may prefer a specialist headset for that.

As a note, the US version of this headset includes Dolby Atmos, while the EU version is compatible with it. I’m using the latter.

The microphone is a little less impressive. It’s very discrete, folding away completely into the headset which I do appreciate. That said, it’s a little awkward to fold out into its fixed position, which does make life difficult when trying to quickly answer a call via the headset, whether on a PC, console, or an actual phone call.

In terms of microphone quality, I’d sum up by saying it’s decent. The level of detail in the sound is reasonable for online gaming. It’s a little quiet by default but that can be turned up via the app. In testing, it didn’t pick up any notable background noise and there was no crackling or other issues. While the audio coming out of the headset is impressive, there are better microphones in headsets around this price.

Dual Audio Connection

I’ve tested the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS on my PC and PlayStation 5 via a USB dongle, and with my phone via Bluetooth. A device that works with a variety of devices is always convenient and it has a handy button to switch between sources, including one for dual-source. The Bluetooth function does seem to take oddly long to connect at times though, so I tend to keep it on ‘Game’ mode for the USB source.

The USB dongle can be used on phones with a USB-C connection too, but due to the shape, it won’t work with most phone cases. Luckily, pretty much any smartphone has Bluetooth.

Both types of connections have a good range. The USB one surprisingly beats several more expensive headsets that I’ve tested, reaching slightly further without losing the signal and remaining stable. This is a feature I always find useful, as I tend to play audio to whichever headset I’m wearing through the PC upstairs while I wander through the house doing chores.

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS - Close Up


The Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS is certainly a good headset, at a reasonable price, in many ways. It punches above its weight class when it comes to audio quality, it’s very lightweight and comfortable, and it has good compatibility. The microphone is where it tends to not match up, so whether this is a good purchase for you depends on whether your priorities are with listening or speaking.


Platforms: PC & Consoles
Purchase: Nacon Store

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Many thanks go to Nacon for a review unit.

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