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Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters – Hints and Tips

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters can be somewhat of a confusing Action RPG. Leaving the player to explore the systems and figure things out for themselves beyond the very basics, the game can be frustrating at times. While this isn’t a full guide or walkthrough, it should provide some useful hints and tips for playing Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters.

All controls referenced here are for the PlayStation 5 version, but should be similar on other platforms.

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Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters - Nepgear with a sword

Combat Hints

Sneak Attack’

While there’s no actual sneaking, you can sometimes run up behind an enemy and hit them in the back. This has them become dazed temporarily at the start of a battle, so you can get some attacks in quickly. I did find it wasn’t consistent whether I could do this to an enemy, even if they hadn’t shown any indication of attacking me.


When in a battle, watch the character’s gauges for the indicator that you can switch for a chain. This usually appears after a few hits in a combo or when using a special move.

Using chains lets you quickly switch characters and have the chosen character teleport into place for an attack. Frequently doing this helps a lot to keep the enemy off balance. In addition, making use of chains is important as they increase damage notably. It only takes a chain of 8 to get a 2x damage multiplier.

Special Moves, Healing, and Items

One of the gauges lets you know when you can use a special skill. As well as this, you can instead use that gauge when full to use an item. To do this, press ‘Options’ to bring up a battle menu. This only works when you aren’t using a move.

Outside of battle, if you explore the menu, you can select which moves are in your chain. As well as this, you can select which moves to appear on a quick menu, which appears when holding ‘R2’. This lets you quickly select a special move if the character who uses that move has a full gauge. Having a healing move or two here is incredibly useful.

For example, even if currently controlling Nepgear, if Rom has a full gauge, you can press R2 and then select Rom’s move. You can then press R1/L1 to select who gets healed and Rom will then use that move on them. You could also set Uni’s poisonous attack as another one of these quick options and have her poison an enemy. Healing is most important for this menu though, as triggering a healing spell otherwise will heal the character using it.

Rom is very useful here. She has a more powerful healing spell than other characters, learns it earlier, and learns a revival spell later on. She’s also almost always accessible, unlike some of the goddess characters who leave the party at times.


While this may seem obvious, it’s worth returning to the shops every so often. Equipment is very rare to find in dungeons, so even if you find all items, you might be several stages behind if you don’t go to the shop and buy upgrades.

After the first shop disappears, there’s another area to shop in Planeptune.

Accessories such as cat ears and angel wings look nice, but they’re only cosmetic. Only the weapon and armor slots affect your stats.

Side Quests and Discs

If you’re not going for a particular ending, it’s worth checking Chirper every chapter when it unlocks. This is where you can find side quests. These are worth picking up as some can be completed even just when playing normally, while others are a quick trip to complete. Most lost items and lost people are near a fast travel point that has already been unlocked by the time the side quest appears.

The lost item quests and the item collection quests are different. Lost items are visible on the map, while items to be collected are typically found in the crates or otherwise as random drops.

Completing side quests not only gives you items but also often unlocks disc development staff. It’s worth checking this out to equip and gain some extra abilities, with each staff member having their own ability to add onto a disc. These take some points and time to complete, but you can get quite a lot of options if you keep developing them and checking in to collect them when the time is up.

Exploring Dungeons

As you explore dungeons, it’s easy to get turned around when coming out of a battle. Using the map by pressing the touchpad is one way of keeping track, but an easier way is to check the minimap. There will be a trail of footsteps showing which direction you came from.

The minimap is also useful for watching out for items. They’re sometimes not in view due to being around a corner or behind something, but can be seen on the minimap.

When you find ladders going down, make sure to check if they need lowering before jumping. This will let you climb up them later if needed.


Lost in Planeptower?

Can’t find where to go in Planetower? In Chapter 7 there’s an issue with the security system in the tower. The quest marker is on Planeptower, but it doesn’t show which floor.

You need to go to the topmost floor you can, then keep climbing stairs and changing areas until you get to Rooftop Observatory. This will trigger the next story scene.

The Endings

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters has three endings, the bad ending, the normal ending, and the true ending. Which one you get depends on your shares as you reach the final fights of chapter 12.

There’s no way of manually making these go down and they go up as you complete side-quests and the story. It’s easy to reach 100% even several chapters before, but the true ending requires shares closer to the average. The requirements are as follows:

Bad Ending = below 30%

True Ending = 30-69%

Normal Ending = 70% or above

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters - Higurashi and Shanghai Alice

Unlock Higurashi and Shanghai Alice as Playable Characters

After completing the game once, load a save with clear data. They will appear in your party in the opening chapter.

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, PC (Steam)
Review: Click Here
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