Nook News – 1/15/24 | A Week of RPG Updates

Visual Novel News:

NekoNyan have announced that Angelic☆Chaos RE-BOOT! has been denied by Steam and the launch has been delayed indefinitely, both on Steam and on other storefronts. It’s not all bad news though: Irotoridori No Sekai – The Colorful World has now received a launch date of 16th February, 2023. The game has already received approval from Steam and the adult version has been confirmed to be demosaiced.

Our story follows Kanoue Yuuma, an amnesiac boy with a special power, and Nikaidou Shinku, a translucent girl only visible to Yuuma who gave him that power. With it, he can heal any and all wounds. But it comes at the cost of the memories he’s made. He lives a simple life: going to school and being scolded by his childhood friend, Kisaragi Mio, by day, and working with his master, Natsume Suzu, in the evenings. However, whenever he falls asleep, he always sees the same dream… a white world, feathers falling, and a girl calling out for him to save her. The student dormitory his master resides in has a special door in the basement, which connects their world to a myriad of different parallel ones. He travels from world to world, searching for one that resembles the scenery he sees in his dreams, but to no avail. Then, one night, as he’s out at night strolling around town, he spots a girl jumping from the lighthouse. Yuuma rushes over and heals her using his power, but after coming to, the girl claims to know him and his power, and asks him much like the voice in his dreams: “Please save me, Kanoue Yuuma.”

Find the Store Page Here

Irotoridori No Sekai - The Colorful World - Guide Featured Image

PQube has announced the release date for KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! This fully voiced visual novel by MAGES will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on the 8th of February, 2024. You can find our impressions from the expo-exclusive demo of this visual novel here.

Join Kazuma, a reincarnated adventurer in another world, and experience the turbulent days he spends with his unfortunate party members. Enjoy a brand new Konosuba adventure with your favourite characters in visual novel form. Prepare for dress-up, resource management, comedy, and of course, another dreaded curse!

Find the Store Page Here

KONOSUBA - God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! - Demo Impressions Featured Image

JAST USA has now released Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber: Remastered: Deluxe Edition. It includes five routes, each with a heroine with “potty problems”. It has a notably low score of 3.56 on VNDB and is bad enough that they’ve referenced this in their marketing.

Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber is known as the worst eroge ever made. Famously, it recieved a perfect -50 score on SomethingAwful back in the day. And so, years later, we’ve come to say… you’re right. It’s terrible. It’s so incredibly bad it’s hard to believe it ended up translated.

Find the Store Page Here

In other JAST USA news, perhaps timed so people can inflict “the worst eroge ever made” on their friends, they have made their often requested gifting system live. Place a game in your cart and then check the ‘Is a gift’ button at the checkout to start the process.

If you’re looking for some better gifts for your friends, you can check out our top visual novel list of 2023.

Find their Sale Page Here

Idea Factory have announced the upcoming release of DATE A LIVE: Ren Dystopia, which will arrive on Steam in 2024. The Steam release will include English and Chinese localization of 2 audio dramas (Natsumi Encounter and Origami Friendship) through a PDF and a short novel (Ren Masques) exclusive to the Deluxe Edition.

This next-generation boy-meets-girl story, written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, has garnered immense popularity both in Japan and overseas, selling over six million copies worldwide! The story of DATE A LIVE begins thirty years after Earth has been plagued by spacequakes. These calamities are triggered by the emergence of enigmatic entities known as Spirits. One day, an ordinary student named Shido Itsuka encounters a Spirit disillusioned with humanity. Shido’s sister, Kotori, reveals to him that he possesses the unique ability to seal Spirit’s powers away. However, the method is surprising. To seal a Spirit’s powers, he has to date her and make her fall for him! 

Shido resolves to do whatever it takes to protect the world and save them. He faces the Spirits with total sincerity as he navigates the various challenges that come his way.

Find the Store Page Here

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Gaming News:

It’s hard to believe, but we’re closer than ever to finally getting our hands on Granblue Fantasy: Relink! Despite this, we can play it even ahead of the final release, as Cy Games has released a demo of the game for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! This demo will include a small segment of the story from the full game, as well as some quests you can play either alone or online.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 1st.

Another action RPG is on the horizon, as Bandai Namco has announced the release date for one of their biggest games of the year, Sand Land! This game is based on the one-off manga created by legendary mangaka Akira Toriyama, with this game being developed by ILCA, who previously created an RPG based on another famous manga property, One Piece OdysseySand Land‘s release date was officially confirmed through a brand-new trailer.

Sand Land arrives for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and PC on April 26th.

Watch the release date trailer for Sand Land

Even if you’re a casual fan of RPGs, you’ve very likely heard the name Golden Sun from time to time. This classic franchise was released on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS and was developed by Camelot, who are also known for the Shining Force series and the developer for many of the Mario sports games. If you missed your chance to play Golden Sun or don’t feel like dusting off your old handhelds, you’ll be happy to hear that Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + service and will be available on January 17th.

Anime News:

Are you a fan of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai? If you are, you’ll be thrilled to know we’re getting more animated content based on the Rascal Does Not Dream light novels! One of the arcs titled College Student Edition is getting the anime treatment, with the project being revealed in a short teaser trailer. Aside from that, no other information such as the studio, staff, or release window was announced.

Watch the teaser trailer for Rascal Does Not Dream – College Student Edition

Upcoming Releases:

A remake of a nearly 20-year-old franchise from Nintendo is getting a brand new set of remakes! Another Code: Recollection remakes both the original Nintendo DS and Wii games into one package with brand-new visuals to not only entice new players but also give long-time fans a new experience of these classic games.

Another Code: Recollection releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 19th.

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