Nook News – 1/8/24 | Holo’s Anime Return

Happy New Year. Nook News returns after a brief hiatus for the holidays. Usually we cover the previous week of news, but due to the holiday season, we’ll be including a few earlier announcements too.

Visual Novel News:

Shiravune have officially announced Criminal Border 2nd Offence (Liminal Border Part II) will be coming to Steam and Johren. The first instalment in this multipart series can be found on other platforms such as JAST and an adult patch has been made available for the Steam version, so it seems likely that Criminal Border 2nd Offence will follow this. You can find our review of the first part here.

Rin Akinashi and Itsuki Ninomae embark on a “business venture” using a digital drug in the form of a video. Rin’s partner in crime, Hina Yorozuya, enlists her brother Tatsuya’s aid, and the group gradually begins to make a success of their business, although not without some trouble along the way. However, a certain incident leaves them saddled with twenty million in debt to the Yakuza. Hoping to break free of this situation, Itsuki and the gang make contact with Kotoko Teshigawara, the daughter of the syndicate’s boss, with the aim of forming an alliance. Their enemy: A crime lord. Their target: His daughter. Can our heroes survive in the face of overwhelming violence?

Find the Store Page Here

JAST USA has now released Goblins on the MarchBreed All Humans via the JAST Store. It’s a nukige visual novel where you play as a goblin, and you invade human territory to kidnap and breed their leaders. It involves turn-based gameplay for combat, and women who are fighting for control of the continent.

An ordinary man is hit by a truck, and as often happens in these situations, awakens in a fantasy world. One catch; he’s a goblin now! Two rival clans, each run by a pair of beautiful women, rule the continent; naturally, he decides to team up with his kinky goblin fetishest friend to take over the country with an army of goblin children! But where do those goblin children come from? Well, the title says it all; interspecies breeding! The more of the leaders that are captured and impregnated, the more soldiers they produce for the grand goblin conquest!

Find the Store Page Here

Open Late Games has released Speakeasy via JAST USA. It has noted that it is the first R18 otome title to be released via the JAST USA store.

Forced into an arranged marriage, Cora West rebels against the norms of her class and runs away, intent on forging her own path in life. But she quickly finds herself falling directly into the laps of some of the city’s most notorious citizens. What Cora encounters outside the iron gates and manicured lawns of the West Estate in Prohibition-era Los Angeles is a bright, exciting, and equally dangerous city pulsing to the beat of jazz music and drowning in the illegal liquor of the most decadent underground clubs around. Vincent Harlowe’s speakeasy is beyond her wildest dreams–and sometimes even her worst nightmares. Direct her actions and determine whether she will make it out with her heart intact or lose herself in the glamor and excess.

Find the Store Page Here

Gaming News:

Remember back at Jump Festa last year when they teased a brand new Hunter X Hunter fighting game from 8ing? As promised, we were given our first look at the new game and the official title: Hunter X Hunter Nen X Impact! Outside of a short teaser teasing that this will be a 3v3 fighting game, we have no information regarding what platforms it will release on or the release window for the title.

Watch the announcement teaser for Hunter X Hunter Nen X Impact

After the successful launch of Fate/Samurai Remnant last year, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force announced the first set of DLC coming to the game! This will be the first of three volumes of DLC, with the first one titled Record’s Fragment: Keian Command Championship and is set to release sometime in February. You can find our review of this highly rated title here.

Watch the trailer for Fate/Samurai Remant‘s first DLC pack

Square-Enix recently hosted their Final Fantasy XIV Festival in Japan and it brought with it a ton of announcements for the Dawntrail expansion! Along with a new CG trailer, it was announced we’ll be getting new DPS class named Pictomancer and a new limited job called Beastmaster. We’ll also be getting brand new raids, new locations to explore, and the addition of a new playable character race: Female Hrothgar.

The Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and PC in Summer 2024.

Watch the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail trailer

Anime News:

After almost 15 years of waiting, the Spice and Wolf anime is making its return to television with a newly animated remake! We’ve been aware of this project for a while now, but we finally have a release window for the series: April 2024.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since the announcement of an Overlord movie, but we finally have more information on the project! The film will be adapting the Sacred Kingdom arc and also confirms that Madhouse will be returning to produce the film.

Overlord: The Sacred Kingodm film releases in Japan in 2024.

Watch the teaser trailer for the Overlord: The Sacred Kingodm film

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