Nook News – 10/24/22 – Milfs, Panels and Ahegaos

Our normal news writer is currently unavailable, so Nook News will be visual novel updates only for a few weeks. We’re hoping to return to our normal schedule of visual novel, game and anime news soon.

Visual Novel News:

NekoNyan have announced that they will be hosting two panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Awacon). The first of which will be an industry panel on Friday 28th October 2022, where they will be announcing 5 new titles. The second will be a joint panel with JAST USA on Saturday, 29th October.

@Kiriya_Aoi9 mentioned that it’s likely to be livestreamed if Internet conditions allow.

Find the Announcement Here

Shiravune has announced that they will be releasing Appetite’s Slippery Richard: He’s Taller Than My Husband (Otto yori Takumashii Mono de Tsukaretara… ~Musume ga Tsurete Kita Gaikoku Kareshi wa Haha no Watashi mo Onna ni Saseta~) and Seduced By A Magic Milf (Bimajo no Yuuwaku ~Kanreki Bijin Mama no Wakasa no Himitsu~) on 10AM JST, Tuesday October 25th, 2022. Both are short titles that focus on Milf heroines.

Find the Announcement Here

Image from VNDB – Seduced by a Magic Milf

Aksys held their Fall 2022 Announcement Show, with new release dates and titles. This includes several changes to dates for upcoming visual novels.

Notably Tengoku Struggle -strayside- was announced as a 2024 release and Jack Jeanne was announced to have a limited edition release.

Find the Announcement Here

House Delaroux has released /Conspiracy/ Girls >The Madness of Madison Delaroux on Steam. It describes itself as a ‘visual novel about cute and funny girls who go around exposing conspiracies, and get into all sorts of trouble for doing so’. It appears to be a visual novel centered around memes and Internet culture.

Find the Store Page Here

Beautiful Glitch has released Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip on Steam and GOG. Instead of focusing on getting a date, this one has you focus on surviving a road trip.

You can read our review of the first Monster Prom visual novel if you’d like some background on the series.

Find the Store Page Here

More Visual Novel News

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