Nook News – 11/1/21

Visual Novel News:

Shiravune has just released Alicesoft’s 18+ ero-RPG Dohna Dohna on Johren in English. Known for it’s stylish design, this is definitely geared towards adults with themes of corruption and an adult focus.

Find this title on Johren here.

Sekai Project has made two new announcements.

One night in Akiba, on his way home after the last train of the day had departed, Taiga sees the members of Animal Trail practicing. As any fan would, he tries to sneak a peak. To his surprise, the girls are covered in sparkles as their transformation comes undone. Magical beings that he’d never seen before appear out of nowhere. That’s right! Their stage outfits are actually magical girl costumes. Not only are they idols, but they’re also magical girls!

Animal Trail – Girlish Square has not yet had a release date announced. More information about this magical girl idol story can be found here.

Deep inside a forest, a voice calls out to the hero. It is there that he crosses paths with Omaylas, the Dark Magic Queen and one of the generals of the Demon Lord. Imprisoned in the forest, she offers to swear an oath to the hero in exchange for her freedom, even if it means facing execution in the capital. Is there a secret agenda to her actions?

The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen releases on the 5th November 2021.

Find this title on Steam here.

JASTUSA has announced that the release of Yamizome Revenger, Escu:de’s RPG Visual Novel, will be on the JAST store on November 5th. A Steam release has been mentioned via Twitter to be unlikely due to the school setting and adult content. This is an uncensored release.

Find the trailer here.

Idea Factory is releasing a brand new visual novel titled Cupid Parasite. You’ll take on the role of Lynette Mirror, a bridal advisor who is also Celestia’s Goddess of Love, Cupid. She’s got a group of clients dubbed Parasite 5 and it’s up to her to get them prepared with ‘practice dates’ for their future partners. But what if Lynette happens to find love along the way?

Cupid Parasite launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 2nd.

Gaming News:

Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise recently turned 20 years old and to celebrate, Niantic has released a new mobile AR title for the lovable tiny plant creatures! Pikmin Bloom encourages players to explore their surroundings and take pictures, all while trying to cover the map with flowers. This was all showcased in a wholesome debut trailer.

Pikmin Bloom is now available to download in Australia and Singapore, with more regions to come in the future.

Watch the launch trailer for Pikmin Bloom

During the recent PlayStation State of Play event, we got our first look at the latest title in one of the most famous JRPG franchises! Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the sixth title from Square-Enix and tri-Ace and will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series!

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.

Watch the announcement trailer for Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Shoji Megoru is a name RPG fans will easily recognize. His work on the soundtracks for Atlus’ Persona series are legendary and contains some of the most memorable songs in not only RPGs, but video games as a whole! Fans of the composer will surely be surprised to hear that Shoji Megoru has chosen to leave Atlus and will now be working as a freelancer, with him currently working on an independent title which will be revealed at INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021Atlus has confirmed that he’ll still be working with their developers on their future titles, so fans of his work can rest easy.

Persona 5 Royal - Featured

Felistella is making a brand new action-RPG where you take on the role of a demon lord on a quest to regain their former glory. Maglam Lord looks to take inspiration from some of the earlier entries in Bandai Namco’s Tales series, with you also being able to deepen your bonds with a wide array of characters.

Maglam Lord releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 4th, 2022.

Watch the localization announcement trailer for Maglam Lord

It’s been quite a bumpy road for Digimon Survive, and that sadly won’t be improving anytime soon. The game has once again been delayed and will now be released in 2022. The game’s producer Habu Kazumasa released a statement thanking fans for their support and how they’ll be using this time to enhance the game’s quality.

Anime News:

While many of us are greatly anticipating the release of the anime adaptations of Chainsaw Man and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, another popular Shonen Jump property is getting the anime treatmentSPY x FAMILY is the bizarre story of a spy named Twilight, who is tasked with infiltrating an elite private school. He is also a family man with a loving wife and an adopted daughter, though he doesn’t realize that his wife is a skilled assassin and his daughter is telepathic. In a rare move, the anime adaptation is a collaborative effort between two well-renowned animation studios, WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks. Directing duties are being handled by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, best known for Hunter x Hunter‘s 1999 anime adaptation and the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVAs.

SPY x FAMILY‘s anime adaptation will premiere sometime in 2022.

Watch the announcement trailer for SPY x FAMILY

Fans of anime’s favorite quintuplets will be happy to see them not only return, but on the big screen! Bilbury Animation Studio is returning to animate the film, with the film being announced with a teaser trailer and a key visual.

The Quintessential Quintuplets The Movie will release in 2022.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Quintessential Quintuplets The Movie

Want more from Fruits Basket after its recent conclusion? The series will be getting some special episodes telling a prequel story titled Fruits Basket -prelude-, and it will be getting a theatrical release in Japan. The announcement came with a key visual drawn by the mangaka of the series, Natsuki Takaya.

Fruits Basket -prelude- releases on February 18th, 2022.

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