Nook News – 2/28/22 – Spice and Wolf Returns!

Visual Novel News:

NekoNyan have announced that Café Stella and the Reaper’s Butterflies will be releasing on the 25th of March. You can wishlist it on the Steam page currently.

The story follows Takamine Kousei, who has died and then bizarrely wakes up the morning of his accident again. Meeting a death goddess, he needs to assist her in opening a café to avoid his death.

Find more information here

Medibang have released Nin Nin Days 2 uncensored on platforms such as Denpasoft. A censored version is also available on Steam, with a patch available.

This visual novel is set in Akihabara, where you’ll enjoy your new life with two female ninja, one a Chuunibyou, and the other a fanservice machine

Find the Store Page Here

While no formal announcement has been made, it looks like Chaos;Head Noah/Chaos;Child will be getting an official English language release. The Twitter account for the Science Adventure series mentioned an ‘English Version’.

See the statement here

Bistro Days has launched on Steam. Long-time readers may remember that we wrote about our experience with the demo back in 2020. It follows an aspiring food-blogger, who meets three charming characters in a slice of life romantic story.

Find the Store Page Here

Cross_couloir is due to launch their demo of Employee A on March 1st 2022.

The developer sums up the idea as ‘alone, amnesiac and charged with the murder of a complete stranger, you turn to your co-workers. Why won’t they help you?’

Find the store page here

As there’s quite a lot of visual novel news this week, here is a summary of some more interesting things to check out:

Gaming News:

Atlus announced a sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, which was originally released in the west all the way back in 2013! The sequel tells the story of two Agents of Aeon, Ringo and Figure, and uses Atlus’ well-known turn-based RPG mechanics.

Soul Hackers 2 launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on August 26th.

Watch the announcement trailer for Soul Hackers 2

Capcom was teasing something big recently and finally let the world know that production on the sixth installment in the iconic Street Fighter series is now underway! Details are scarce at the moment, with us only getting a short teaser and the promise of more news on the title to arrive sometime this Summer.

Watch the announcement teaser for Street Fighter 6

In a recent Pokemon Presents presentation, Game Freak announced the ninth generation in the mainline Pokemon series! We got a trailer showcasing what the game will look like, along with the three new starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

Watch the announcement trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Anime News:

It has been a long and arduous wait but finally, a third anime adaptation of Spice and Wolf is finally happening! To put things into perspective, the last season was released in 2009 and the anime industry has changed dramatically over the last thirteen years. It’s unclear if this new series will be a continuation of the last season or a completely new adaptation, but we got a short teaser announcing the project and the key art for the series.

Watch the teaser trailer for the new Spice and Wolf

Square-Enix and Platinum Games’ NieR Automata turned five years old last week! To celebrate, it was announced that we’ll be getting an anime series based on the game. As of now, there aren’t any details about the production staff or when it will release, but a short teaser was released to announce the project.

Watch the teaser trailer for the Nier Automata anime series

The modern adaptation of the magical girl series Tokyo Mew Mew got a brand new trailer! The original anime adaptation celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, so this reboot aims to not only bring in fans of the original but hopefully, get some new ones as well.

Tokyo Mew Mew New premieres this July.

Watch the trailer for Tokyo Mew Mew New

After a four-year wait, the fourth season of the popular Overlord series is releasing some time this year, and we’ll be getting our first proper look at it in the very near future! The first trailer for the season will be released on March 12th.

Upcoming News:

Platinum Games’ next title, Babylon’s Fall releases this week! This game isn’t your typical single-player action title, with the studio experimenting with a quest-based system that allows for multiplayer.

Babylon’s Fall launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 3rd.

The next big title to use the HD-2D graphical style made popular in Octopath Traveler launches this week! Triangle Strategy is a turn-based strategy RPG that takes a lot of its cues from Final Fantasy Tactics, while also forcing you to make tough story decisions to affect the game’s narrative.

Triangle Strategy releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 4th.

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