Nook News – 3/25/24 | Fatal Fury Returns & Tons of Anime Updates

Visual Novel News:

SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky will be coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. PQube will be publishing this visual novel by Mages.

Grieving the death of his brother, Junya is confronted by a mysterious girl who utters the words, ‘you should have been the one to die’. Carrying the weight of those terrifying words alongside the memories of his brother, Junya finds himself taking on an unexpected project with his childhood friend, Chihaya Hojo. The Hojo manor, a traditional Japanese house, needs renovating and it’s Junya’s first big job to undertake. But it is a job he cannot undertake alone.

Find the Store Page Here

Shiravune has announced the upcoming 2024 release of Destiny Star Girlfriend 2 by mirai. This is not a direct sequel to the first title which we reviewed, but an alternative universe where the protagonist is instead fate-bound with the former magical girl antagonist Maja.

In exchange for gaining a host of immense powers, Seiji accepts Maja’s offer to become a loyal subject in her quest to defeat her rival, but there’s a catch: He must remain by Maja’s side at all times, or face mortal doom!

Find the Store Page Here

Aniplex.exe has announced Tanetsumi no Uta, their third project, for a multi-language release in 2024. The visual novel is being directed by Yow, who worked on titles such as If My Heart Had Wings, Ryuusei World Actor, and the Doukyuusei remake.

The story follows Misuzu who was orphaned when young and grew up with her grandparents. One day she’s visited by her 16-year old mother, a priestess who has jumped through time and asks Misuzu to accompany her on a journey.

Find the Website Here

TSUKIHIME -A piece of blue glass moon- now has a release date. It will be coming on 27th June, 2024. While a PC release has previously been advertised, the official website only lists PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as platforms.

High schooler Shiki Tohno has been living with distant relatives since a major accident seven years ago. He is recalled to his distinguished family home upon news of his father’s death, and begins a new life in an enormous mansion. Despite the creature comforts, he can’t help but feel an air of disquiet in the house. One day, while in a haze, Shiki crosses paths with an enigmatic woman who introduces herself as Arcueid, and becomes involved in a battle against inhuman vampires beyond human comprehension. After a chance encounter on the morning train with Ciel, a popular upperclassman at school, Shiki finds himself quickly becoming close to Ciel. His school days are warm and lively thanks to colorful characters such as his best friend Arihiko and the new teacher Noel…. However, the idyllic times were not to last. A sudden string of killings rocks the city. Shiki finds himself in a pit of despair due to a tragedy of his own making. Amidst it all, someone’s heartfelt words offer him a lifeline in the darkness. They come from none other than Ciel.

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The Shell Part II: Purgatorio (Kara no Shoujo 2) will be released on Steam and Johren on 19th April, 2024. The English localization was handled by Lemnisca, who also handled the script of first instalment that our review praised.

Detective Reiji Tokisaka is back to face down a mystery that spans decades, if not centuries. With the aftermath of his last case weighing on his soul and a long-silent cult resurgent, can he solve the crime—or will it become his curse?

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Gaming News:

While SNK has been releasing new entries in their King of Fighters series, arguably the fighting game the company produced that has the most legacy among fighting game fans is Fatal Fury. It’s been 25 years since the last entry, but we finally have a proper continuation of this legendary fighting game series! Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is the first entry in the series to use 3D graphics with new mechanics being introduced to spice up the tried-and-tested gameplay. Five characters have been confirmed: four of which are returning, with a brand new character named Preecha making her debut.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves launches in early 2025.

Watch the gameplay reveal trailer for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Speaking of fighting games, we received an update on this highly anticipated Dragon Ball game! Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero! got a short presentation that revealed full gameplay with a match between Goku and Vegeta which also revealed some new mechanics being added to the series. On top of this, we got a brand-new trailer that revealed a ton of characters joining this massive roster.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero! is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. No release window has been announced at this time.

Watch the gameplay showcase for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero!

The next DLC update coming to Final Fantasy XVI got a ton of new updates this week! Titled The Rising Tide, it sees players traveling to a location named Mysidia and as the name implies, Leviathan will play some sort of role here. We’ll also be getting a free update to the game as well, including functions such as being able to travel quickly back to any quest givers and a new Skill Set feature.

The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy XVI releases on April 18th.

Watch The Rising Tide trailer for Final Fantasy XVI

The third and final batch of season 2 of DLC for One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 has been fully revealed! This pack will include playable versions of Gol D. Roger, a young Silvers Rayleigh, and Monkey D. Garp in his prime.

DLC Pack 6 for One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 will be available on March 28th.

We sadly lost another famous Japanese artist this month. Mutsumi Inomata, who was most known for being the character designer and illustrator for the Tales series of video games passed away on March 10th at the age of 63. She was also known for her work in anime series such as City Hunter and Gundam SEED. Her younger sister made a statement that also showcased an unfinished piece of work Mutsumi was working on. Rest in peace, Mutsumi Inomata.

Anime News:

After over three years of waiting, the continuation of Re:Zero is arriving later this year! It’s been teased for quite a while, but we now finally have a full trailer and a release window: October 2024.

Watch the trailer for Re:Zero season 3

The continuation of My Hero Academia‘s anime adaptation is fast approaching! Two months ahead of its premiere, we’ve got a brand new trailer that also gives us a tease of what the opening theme will sound like.

My Hero Academia season seven premieres on May 4th.

Watch the My Hero Academia season seven trailer

On the topic of Shonen Jump properties, the anticipated anime adaptation of Blue Box got a new update! We received a second teaser trailer for the series, along with confirmation of a release window.

Blue Box will premiere in October 2024.

Watch the teaser trailer for Blue Box

From the creator of Assassination Classroom, the anime adaptation of their latest manga, The Elusive Samurai got a new update! The teaser mainly focuses on the series protagonist, Hojo Tokiyuki, as well as revealing the release window for the series.

The Elusive Samurai will premiere this July.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Elusive Samurai

Thankfully, we won’t need to wait another seven years for the next part of Blue Exorcist to be animated! Season four of the series titled Yuki no Hate-hen was announced with a short teaser trailer and key visual.

Season 4 of Blue Exorcist will premiere in October 2024.

Watch the teaser trailer for Blue Exorcist season 4


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