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Pimax VR – Free Experience and Updates

With the rollout of the Pimax Crystal and Portal imminent, I thought I’d share a couple of interesting updates about these VR headsets.

As those of you on our Discord may know, I first got into virtual reality after trying a free experience with a HTC Vive, which I then bought (soon followed by several other headsets, including a Pimax 5K). To this day, despite being the first game I played, Space Pirate Trainer remains one of my favorite VR titles. Unfortunately, these free experiences have mostly disappeared in favor of VR arcades.

But Pimax is bringing them back.

If you visit any ‘Pimax Experience Center’ between July 17th and August 16th, you can book an appointment to try the top-of-the-line Pimax Crystal or the upcoming Pimax Portal for free. These are worldwide but check here to see if there’s one near you.

As an advocate of virtual reality generally, I really recommend you give it a try for yourself, whether VR is a new experience to you, or you just want to give the Pimax Crystal a try and see whether it lives up to Dexerto’s appraisal of the “uncompromised, crystal-clear screen quality” before deciding whether to buy.

Pimax Crystal – New Lens and Lighthouse Faceplate

On the note of the Pimax Crystal, they’ve just announced that the Lighthouse faceplate will be launched in mid-August. This is used to convert the inside-out tracking of the Pimax Crystal which can be used anywhere, to the lighthouse tracking which is better for those with a dedicated playspace and those playing some older PCVR games. 

They’ve also announced that they’re working on some new lens to maximize the field of view, which has long been Pimax’s major selling point since the 5K Kickstarter. The new Wide FOV lens are made of glass rather than polycarbonate material.

Those who have already ordered or those who order before the deal ends can choose to upgrade their 42ppd lens to the Wide FOV lens for $59 until 31st July 2023.

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