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Phantom Fury – Review

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is back in a new shooter, titled Phantom Fury. This game is set in the Bombshell series, set between the original Bombshell and its prequel, Ion Fury: Aftershock. These games channel the spirit of the late ’90s/early 2000’s shooters with modern sensibilities. But does Shelly have what it takes to bridge the […]

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Kingpin: Reloaded – Review

Kingpin: Reloaded started life as Kingpin: Life of Crime, which released on the PC in 1999 and caused quite a controversy due to its adult content, graphic scenes of violence, and foul language as standard. Sadly, a planned sequel and console release never happened, and the game was locked in the annals of FPS history, […]

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Ion Fury: Aftershock – Review

Back in the 90s, a common practice for FPS games was to have map packs released months after the game was finished, the original DLC if you will. Making the most of modern technology and consumer habits, we have a new expansion pack in the form of DLC for Voidpoint’s 90s throwback shooter Ion Fury, […]

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Cultic: Chapter One – Review

If you’re a boomer like me, chances are you’ll have played the FPS Blood by Monolith Productions, and have been hankering for more ever since its sequel did damage to your soul. Cultic: Chapter One published by 3D Realms & solo developed by Jasozz Games is an offering that potentially may soothe that damage, and […]