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Serial Cleaners – Review

No one considers who has to clean up after murder scenes. Serial Cleaners offers players a glimpse into the life of the most aggressive users of cleaning products yet.  Cleanup on Aisle 4 Serial Cleaners follows Bob from the prequel Serial Cleaner, as he and three other “Cleaners” come together for a funeral. They sit […]

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Featured Image
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising began life as a Kickstarter goal for the Suikoden spiritual sequel Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Launching as somewhat of a taster of the world, let’s dive into this Metroidvania-style adventure and see if it’s a chronicle worth experiencing. Let Me Spin You A Yarn Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising stars treasure hunter CJ. She’s […]