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Horgihugh and Friends – Review

Enjoy games where cute animals kill cute things and some minor comedy? Horgihugh and Friends by Aksys Games has you covered. An expansion on the PC title HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー), it falls into the ‘Cute ‘Em Up’ subgenre, within Shoot ‘Em Up or Shmups. Raining Cats and Dogs Horgihugh and Friends throw players right into the […]

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Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani – Review | A Kiss Under the Fujizakura Tree

Developed by Otomate, Idea Factory, Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani is a fantasy otome visual novel that brings players into a world packed with Japanese mythology and folklore, supernatural encounters, and love. Originally released in May 2020 in Japan, this Nintendo Switch title has subsequently been localized into English and published by Aksys Games in December 2021.    […]

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Variable Barricade – Review | You Won’t Win My Heart!

Variable Barricade, the latest otome visual novel from Otomate and Idea Factory localized by Aksys Games, is a romantic comedy about a girl guarding her heart from a gang of overenthusiastic suitors. It’s a blast when it leans into humor and lighthearted fun but less effective when it veers into melodrama. An Immodest Proposal As […]