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Beta-Sixdouze – Review

Taking place long after the events of Alpha-Nighthawk, Beta-Sixdouze is another sci-fi romance, if one with a somewhat different tone through most of its story. This title by Liar-soft and Shiravune still features mecha battles, unusual powers, and some furry characters (Neo-Fennecs), but feels much lighter than its predecessor. To get it out of the way, […]

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Alpha-Nighthawk – Review | Sci-Fi and Furries

I’ve seen Alpha-Nighthawk by Liar-soft and Shiravune written off as a ‘furry’ visual novel. While it does have human/animal hybrids, it’s much more than just that. A Sci-Fi romance set mostly in a lawless slum abandoned by the military, it features mecha battles, powers bordering on the supernatural, a threat to humanity, and much more […]