SD Gundam Battle Alliance - Featured Image
Action Hack'N'Slash Review

SD Gundam Battle Alliance – Review | Time To Gunpla!

What could be better than giant mechs, armed with swords and guns battling it out between themselves? Well, the same mechs shrunk down to be super cute of course! Welcome to SD Gundam Battle Alliance! SD Gundam Battle Alliance developed by Bandai Namco does what every good anime/manga title should do. It lays a narrative […]

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Anime Point and Click Review Strategy Visual Novel

Digimon Survive – Review | Shrine of the Kemonogami

Digimon Survive is primarily a visual novel. This seems to be the big controversy for this title, so I’ll get it out the way first. In this jaunt to the Digital World, you’ll find SRPG combat, point-and-click gameplay, and even mechanics similar to dating sims. Despite all of this and more being in Digimon Survive, […]

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Action RPG

Elden Ring – First Impressions | 25 Hours In on PC

Elden Ring is, of course, the latest release developed by From Software. From their humble beginnings on the Playstation, with King’s Field, I don’t think anyone could reasonably imagine the iconic place their games would come to hold in the modern scene. I’m not going to spend too long on the history of their titles, but it […]