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ED-0: Zombie Uprising – Review

ED-0: Zombie Uprising is the latest title from D3Publisher, the minds behind the cult “Simple Series” which spawned titles such as Onechanbara and Earth Defence Force. Does this shuffling corpse have the chance to be another cult classic? Let’s find out! Mr ED-0 ED-0: Zombie Uprising is set in the Edo period in Japan and […]

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Onee Chanbara ORIGIN – Review | Sisterly Love

UNBATHE AND ZOMBIE HUNT! Armed with a katana; a scantily-clad woman minces the undead. At first glance, that seems like the premise of a fanfiction. Au contraíre mon ami, for you see, that’s the foundation the Onee Chanbara franchise is built upon and Onee Chanbara Origin is no exception.  The first entry didn’t come to North […]