DPVR E4 Black - Featured Image
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DPVR E4 Black – Review | Head-Setted for Greatness?

I do like it when a company listens to feedback and actually implements changes based on it. This is the origin of the DPVR E4 Black. It’s a newer variant of the original wired lightweight PCVR DPVR E4 VR headset which I previously tested, but with several improvements. Readers who are familiar with our DPVR […]

DPVR E4 - Featured Image (First Impressions)
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

DPVR E4 VR Headset – Review | A Light and Comfortable VR Headset

The DPVR E4 is a relatively new VR headset from DPVR and perhaps the most comfortable one I’ve tried so far. It has a number of standout points that seem missing from recent PCVR headsets and at a reasonable price to boot. But as those familiar with PCVR will know, new VR headsets often take […]