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The Eternal Cylinder – Review | The Many and the One

Life starts from an egg for a creature called a trebhum, and our newly hatched trebhum, small but curious, peers out into a strange world. At that same moment, a great endless Cylinder wakes from its slumber. Slowly it rouses; faster it grows—rumbling, rolling, crushing, consuming—eternal and inevitable. The trebhum flees the destruction as fast […]

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Monster Train – Review

Ever since Slay the Spire landed to critical and public acclaim way back in 2017, the Deckbuilding Roguelikes have flocked to copy its formula and emulate its success. Naturally, all these pretenders have failed. Along comes Monster Train by Shiny Shoe and suddenly, everything changed.  ALL ABOARD! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Whilst on the surface Monster Train could […]