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SD Gundam Battle Alliance – Review | Time To Gunpla!

What could be better than giant mechs, armed with swords and guns battling it out between themselves? Well, the same mechs shrunk down to be super cute of course! Welcome to SD Gundam Battle Alliance! SD Gundam Battle Alliance developed by Bandai Namco does what every good anime/manga title should do. It lays a narrative […]

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Touken Ranbu Warriors – Review

Protect history itself by slicing and dicing your way through time. Sound fun? Touken Ranbu Warriors has you embody the spirits of 15 swords and cut down those who try to change history. Joseimuke Musou Touken Ranbu Warriors is an unexpected combination. It’s a Warriors game, following in the wake of titles like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. […]

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Bladed Fury – Review | Big Trouble in Ancient China

While there’s no shortage of games set in Japan, most gamers probably associate ancient China with Dynasty Warriors. China has a rich mythology of its own, one that seems like fertile ground for more games to explore. Bladed Fury, a stylish 2D action platformer from NExT Studios, aims to do just that. Let’s see how […]

Action Hack'N'Slash Review

Onee Chanbara ORIGIN – Review | Sisterly Love

UNBATHE AND ZOMBIE HUNT! Armed with a katana; a scantily-clad woman minces the undead. At first glance, that seems like the premise of a fanfiction. Au contraíre mon ami, for you see, that’s the foundation the Onee Chanbara franchise is built upon and Onee Chanbara Origin is no exception.  The first entry didn’t come to North […]