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Horror Review Survival

Signalis – Review

Survival Horror is making a comeback and Science Fiction is in! These are two of my favorite things, so imagine finding out that Playism, Humble Games & rose-engine had partnered up to bring us Signalis, a Sci-Fi Survival Horror. Could this be a match made in cyberhell?. Time for Technobabble  Signalis puts you in control […]

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Indie Platformer Review Rogue-Like

Moonscars – Review | A Well Moulded Metroidvania

Metroidvanias are surging in popularity. With simple mechanics that feature abilities, upgrades, backtracking, and exploration, two things serve to make one of these titles stand out amongst the crowd – world design and rewarding combat. This is what I paid the closest attention to when playing Moonscars, the début entry from developers Black Mermaid. Will […]

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FPS Indie Review

Prodeus – Review | Frantic Fun with Firearms

Recently, it seems that retro shooters are making a comeback. Not just with the new reboots of franchises such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Shadow Warrior, but amazing indie throwback titles that have been popping up around, like Dusk, Ion Fury, and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, just to name a few. All of these bring the essence of […]