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Beat Blades Haruka – Review

Beat Blades Haruka (Choukou Sennin Haruka) is a 2008 visual novel by AliceSoft, an eroge company known for their numerous titles that feature various kinds of gameplay. It is the second installment in the company’s Beat series, a set of visual novels that feature heroines powering up through various sexual activities to fight against enemy […]

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Cat Cafe Manager – Review | Delightful Days in Caterwaul Way

Whether you enjoy seeing cats or running your own cafe (or both!) in games, get ready to be enchanted by Cat Cafe Manager, a 2D management simulation developed by Roost Games and published by Freedom Games for PC and Nintendo Switch. Released on 14 April 2022, this indie title has an ESRB rating of Teen and […]

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To The Rescue! – Review | Manage a Dog Shelter

Management simulation games have always been an avenue for individuals to try running different kinds of business ranging from restaurants to airports. With To The Rescue!, a management sim developed by Little Rock Games and published by Freedom Games, players have the chance to manage their very own dog shelter and help the dogs find their […]