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Metroid Prime Remastered – Review

Following the release of Metroid Dread, there has been rumor upon rumor of a Metroid Prime Collection or Remaster. Up until recently, this was just hearsay. Then Nintendo just shadow-drop the Metroid Prime Remastered out of nowhere during a Nintendo Direct. First Verse, Same as the First Metroid Prime Remastered starts as just about every […]

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Metroid Dread – Review | A Worthy Crown-Bearer

If you’d told me even 12 months ago that Metroid would not only be getting a brand new 2D game, but it was a sequel to the 19-year-old Metroid Fusion, I’d have permanently damaged my vocal cords from all the scoffing. To think, Metroid Dread was surprise announced and released within a few months…man, it […]