Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Definitive Edition - Featured Image
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Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Definitive Edition – Review

It’s always a good time to be a fan of the Musou genre, it always feels like a new experience with these games is just around the corner. This time, though, we have a remaster of a fan favorite experience on our plates. Originally released in 2011 and seeing its Ultimate version released in 2014, […]

Touken Ranbu Warriors - Featured Image
Action Hack'N'Slash Review

Touken Ranbu Warriors – Review

Protect history itself by slicing and dicing your way through time. Sound fun? Touken Ranbu Warriors has you embody the spirits of 15 swords and cut down those who try to change history. Joseimuke Musou Touken Ranbu Warriors is an unexpected combination. It’s a Warriors game, following in the wake of titles like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. […]

Samurai Warriors 5 - Featured Image
Action Hack'N'Slash Review

Samurai Warriors 5 – Review | Sengoku Slaughter

More than half a decade on since the last installment, Samurai Warriors 5 has us return to Sengoku-era Japan in this fictional spin on the history of Oda Nobunaga. While not as popular as the Dynasty Warriors or Hyrule Warriors titles, this hack and slash series has a lot to offer. Story War has engulfed […]

Action Hack'N'Slash Review

Onee Chanbara ORIGIN – Review | Sisterly Love

UNBATHE AND ZOMBIE HUNT! Armed with a katana; a scantily-clad woman minces the undead. At first glance, that seems like the premise of a fanfiction. Au contraíre mon ami, for you see, that’s the foundation the Onee Chanbara franchise is built upon and Onee Chanbara Origin is no exception.  The first entry didn’t come to North […]