Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller - Featured Image v2
Hardware Review

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro – Review

There aren’t many options for PlayStation 5 controllers. There are even fewer when it comes to ones with customization and additional features. Is the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro the answer to this problem? The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is a customizable controller for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s packed full of features, […]

Evol-X Pro - Featured Image
Hardware Review

Nacon Evol-X Pro Controller – Review

The Nacon Evol-X Pro is an officially licensed Xbox controller, compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This is a budget controller, retailing at £27.99, which is about 40% cheaper than the official Microsoft Series X/S controller. The question is, how does the Evol-X Pro shape-up against its pricier counterpart? Functionality The […]

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS - Featured Image
Hardware Review

Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS – Review

Looking for a new headset? With the ability to connect to PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and more, along with comfort and high-quality audio, the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS is worth considering. Ears Off. Comfort On. You’d be forgiven for panicking when you open the Nacon RIG 600 Pro HS. The earcups come partially detached […]

Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight - Featured Image
Hardware Review

Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight – Review

Long-time readers may recall that we took a look at the Nacon Pro Compact XBox/PC Controller some time back and came away impressed. It had advanced features at a much lower price than you’d expect. But there was one thing it lacked: it’s something that the Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight has set out to solve. It […]

Nacon Pro Compact Camo - Featured Image
Hardware Review

Nacon Pro Compact – Review | Now in Camo Too!

Nacon has sent us over one of their latest XBox & PC compatible controllers – the “Nacon Pro Compact”. How does this 3rd party premium controller stack up against what is considered one of the gold standards of gaming controllers? Read on and find out. Don’t worry. I’m a Professional The Nacon Pro Compact boasts […]

Nacon Revolution X Pro controller - Featured Image
Hardware Review

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller – Review

I am nowhere near a professional gamer. One example that illustrates this (that a friend constantly brings up) is when I amazingly managed to flip a helicopter upside-down in Battlefield. Another is my constant losing steak in pretty much any fighting game. Still, I’m decent enough and a change might help to turn things around […]

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Nacon MG-X Gaming Holder – Review | Controlling Mobiles

Cloud Gaming is taking off. The ability to play video games from your phone, without owning a PC or console is a potential game-changer, especially in places where not many people own these. And while there are certainly still some issues with cloud gaming to work out, one of the most obvious is the controller. […]