Assault Spy - Featured
Action Anime Review

Assault Spy – Review | The (Business) World is Not Enough

Picture this: you’re a suave, well-dressed gentleman enjoying an extravagant gala with a martini in hand and the lustful gaze of one of the ladies from across the room. Little do they know that you’re an expert in hand-to-hand combat and have at least five tools disguised as fountain pens. You are a spy and […]

Labyrinth Legend - Featured Image
Action Hack'N'Slash Review RPG

Labyrinth Legend – Review

Not all games are destined to live a life of luxury. In fact, most live and die on the cluttered e-shops and storefronts – overshadowed by their titanic, Triple-A brethren. Some of these games are wrongfully snuffed out – some of them are discovered and heralded as the great works they are. Others languish outside […]

Fallen Legion Revenants - Featured Image
Action Anime JRPG Review

Fallen Legion Revenants – Review

If I were to describe an RPG, I’d specify three things: exploration, a level system, and a captivating story. Unfortunately, Fallen Legion Revenants struggles with or outright precludes these. I do think there are some interesting ideas all the same. The battle system is unlike most that I’ve seen and the hand-drawn aesthetic is beautiful. […]

Void Terrarium - Featured
Review Rogue-Like RPG

Void Terrarium – Review | My Robot Parents

MY MECHANICAL FRIEND, ROBBIE! Void Terrarium is a puzzling entity. Going into it, I expected a mystery dungeon-esque experience. Something that while simple, provided a challenge. Fortunately, that’s precisely what I got, despite a few caveats. Decisions that made the game needlessly frustrating. I do want to point to the out-of-the-box approach though. It was refreshing […]

Disaster Report 4 - Featured
Narrative Review Virtual Reality

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Review

What’s this all about then? Check the weather report for a mild chance of a natural disaster! Prepare your heart for this and grab your best clothes because we might be getting in danger, but we can still look classy while doing it! Welcome to Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo […]