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Phantom Brave – Review | Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1

Back when I was a strapping young lad, I was a huge fan of Nippon Ichi Software. Whilst I knew nobody who appreciated their games, they crafted some of the best turn-based strategy games to ever grace the humble PS2. Masterpieces like Disgaea, La Pucelle Tactics, and Makai Kingdom showed off the company’s desire to […]

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Soul Nomad – Review | Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1

I’ve played an awful lot of NIS titles. They were pivotal parts of my childhood and, yeah, I played practically all of them. Soul Nomad & The World Eaters is one of the very few games that I haven’t dabbled in (until now), so I was quite excited to see what interesting systems and mechanics […]

Disgaea 6 - Featured
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Disgaea 6 – Review | Great Gameplay. Poor Performance

Disgaea 6 is the latest in this long-standing series of anime strategy RPGs. Travel between Netherworld as you chase down your foe and unravel the mystery around the God of Destruction. Not played a Disgaea title before? Don’t worry – it’s a standalone title. With a new cast and story, you might miss out on […]

Poison Control - Featured
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Poison Control – Review | Expect Some Side Effects

When it comes to niche games, Nippon Ichi Software is one of the first developers you’re likely to think of. Sure, their most known claim to fame is the hilarious Disgaea series which began almost 20 years ago, but they’ve been busy with game creation all the way since the mid-90s.  Their resume is certainly […]

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Fallen Legion Revenants – Review

If I were to describe an RPG, I’d specify three things: exploration, a level system, and a captivating story. Unfortunately, Fallen Legion Revenants struggles with or outright precludes these. I do think there are some interesting ideas all the same. The battle system is unlike most that I’ve seen and the hand-drawn aesthetic is beautiful. […]

Giraffe and Annika - Featured
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Giraffe and Annika – Review | My Niece’s Debut

Giraffe and Annika has been on the market for several months now. I received my code around release and I quickly finished half of the game. I fully intended to finish it and write a review in the following days, but that all changed. As I continued, I noticed it appealed to the younger demographic […]