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Pups & Purrs: Animal Hospital – Review | Healer Vets Healing Pets

Published by Numskull Games and Aksys Games in November 2021, Pups & Purrs: Animal Hospital — the English version of Wan Nyan Doubutsu Byouin: Pet o Tasukeru Daiji-na Oshigoto released in July 2020 in Japan — is a vet simulation game developed by Nippon Columbia for the Nintendo Switch. While Pups & Purrs: Animal Hospital’s conspicuous kawaii aesthetics and even cuter pets […]

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Final Vendetta – Review

Final Vendetta – the name just oozes 90s. The graphics do the same. And the genre, could it be more 90s? Let’s dive in and find out whether the game is a solid 90 or if it’s aged like cheese from the same era. Party like it’s 1989 It’s 199X and the Syndic8 gang has […]

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Hoa – Review | Paint Me a Puzzle-Platformer

Hoa, a hand-drawn puzzle-platformer from Scrollkat Studio, has some of the prettiest hand-drawn animation I’ve seen in gaming. While the visuals and soundtrack are compelling, Hoa’s gameplay and narrative are light on substance. If you’re the type who can enjoy relaxing for a few hours as you’re transported to a beautiful world, Hoa might be […]

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Battle Axe – Review | A Nostalgic Throwback

Battle Axe is an unfortunate title that is plagued by a general feeling of disappointment. Helmed by the venerable Henk Neiborg (of Shantae fame), it aimed to invoke old school classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Golden Axe. Needless to say, all things pointed to a promising nostalgic throwback. It’s a shame then that a distinct lack of content, […]

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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne – Review

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne is an original story supervised by the series author and brings familiar characters back, along with a few new ones. While described as a tactical adventure game, this is essentially a Re:ZERO visual novel with occasional gameplay elements. Aimed towards fans of the series, […]

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Robotics;Notes Elite – Review | Conspiracy and Giant Robots

Robotics;Notes Elite is the fifth main entry in the Science Adventure series chronologically, with the well-known Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate being the first and second respectively. That said, while some references to previous games may be missed and you will not know some backstory, it is completely fine to come into this visual novel as your […]