Horror Indie Review

Infliction: Extended Cut – Review

Infliction: Yet Another Iteration On The Tried, But Terrifying P.T. Formula Before you look at Infliction: Extended Cut and run away at the mere mention of “Silent Hills spin-off,” hear me out. I know horror fans have grown a bit numb to the prospect of psychological hallway simulators, and for good reason. Ever since we […]

Action Indie Platformer Review

Effie – Review | The tale of Galand the Lazy

Gather around everyone. We’re about to hear the story of Galand from the title Effie. It’s an action/platform title developed by Inverge Studios. It was published June 2019 for the PS4 and January 28th for Steam as part of the PlayStation Talents Game Camp Program. I will be reviewing the Steam version! First and Foremost, […]