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Pimax Portal – Early Preview | Handheld Review

Known for their VR headsets, Pimax is taking a step into the handheld world with their new Pimax Portal. This 4K Hybrid VR Gaming System can play Android titles, and PC and console titles via the Cloud, but also works as a Virtual Reality headset. As a disclaimer, our experience is based on a ‘pre-release’ version. While […]

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Pimax Portal – First Impressions | 4K Hybrid VR Gaming System

Describing itself as a ‘4K Hybrid VR Gaming System‘, The Pimax Portal is a new handheld gaming system. It not only plays Android games, but it’s suited for cloud gaming, and even has a virtual reality mode. It seems to do quite a few more things on top of that too. Pimax kindly sent us […]

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Pimax VR – Free Experience and Updates

With the rollout of the Pimax Crystal and Portal imminent, I thought I’d share a couple of interesting updates about these VR headsets. As those of you on our Discord may know, I first got into virtual reality after trying a free experience with a HTC Vive, which I then bought (soon followed by several […]