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Horror Review Survival

Signalis – Review

Survival Horror is making a comeback and Science Fiction is in! These are two of my favorite things, so imagine finding out that Playism, Humble Games & rose-engine had partnered up to bring us Signalis, a Sci-Fi Survival Horror. Could this be a match made in cyberhell?. Time for Technobabble  Signalis puts you in control […]

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Anime Review Simulation

Idol Manager – Review | Cash, Fame, and Treachery

Long a staple of Japanese media, idol culture has continued to grow its presence in the West. Series like BanG Dream and Love Live have grown in popularity due in large part to catchy songs and eye-catching outfits. And in Idol Manager, developed by GlitchPitch, you take the role of the producer of your very […]

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Action FPS Review

Bright Memory: Infinite – Review

When it comes to FPS, I go for arcade-style chaos over tactical military shooter every time. Carving a path of destruction through games like Borderlands and DEATHLOOP was a joy. Bright Memory: Infinite from FYQD-Studio and PLAYISM looks like it fits into that same bedlam and blasting style. There are guns! There are swords! You […]

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Narrative Review Simulation

The Good Life – Review | Swery65 is Back

Swery65 is a director known in a few cult circles for his charming yet frankly jank games. Ever since Deadly Premonition skyrocketed into the mainstream, fans have sought that next hit from him. One that subsequent titles like D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die), The Missing: J.J Macfield, and Deadly Premonition 2, have never been. Despite […]

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Adventure Platformer Review

TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight – Review

Much of the intrigue around TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight stems from lead developer nocras’s impressive credentials: among them art and environment design for franchises such as Zelda and Final Fantasy. Gorgeous concept art and trailers showcasing expansive environments further piqued my interest. The finished game is a mixed bag, and whether you are likely to […]