Kirby's Dream Buffet - Featured Image
Platformer Racing Review

Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Review | Strawberry Fantasy

Today’s Special is Kirby’s Dream Buffet, which is here to serve you a delicious helping of multiplayer races, minigames, and battles. A more casual course than the recent Kirby And The Forgotten Land, this is more about quick matches and fun with friends, whether locally or online. Keep Rollin’ Kirby’s gluttonous aim in Kirby’s Dream Buffet […]

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Racing Review

Chocobo GP – Review | Better Than Expected

In a surprising revival of Chocobo Racing, Square Enix has released Chocobo GP – a kart racing game featuring some fan-favorite figures from Final Fantasy, along with some new entries. With some players raging over microtransactions, is there a gem shining under some controversial decisions? Or should you instead go for the near-simultaneous release of […]

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Racing Review

Pacer – Review | Breaking the Sound Barrier

In the vast pantheon of video game genres, the humble racer has stood proudly amongst gun-toting behemoths and leviathanic plumbers. Over the years the genre has split into many sub-genres, one of which is the rarely discussed, yet fondly remembered anti-gravity racer. Pioneered by the likes of F-Zero and honed to a mirror sheen by […]

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Racing Review

Hotshot Racing – Review | A Return to ’90s Racers

Deja Vu! I’ve been to this place before! Outside the occasional episode of Top Gear giving me a good chuckle back in the day, I’m not a fan of cars. It probably doesn’t help that a lot of my experiences behind the wheel are through video games, and I’m not talking about your simulated experiences. […]

Kandagawa Jet Girls - Featured
Anime Racing Review

Kandagawa Jet Girls – Review | Racing on the River

Wild and Wet Racing Girls Kandagawa Jet Girls has teams of two racing their way through the rivers of Tokyo, all aiming to win the Kandagawa tournament. One jetter controlling the jet machine and one shooter, aiming to take down anyone getting in their way. You can follow the stories of these teams and take […]

Anime Racing Review

Gensou Skydrift – Review

I’d say to rev your engines, but there aren’t any in this rather odd take on a kart racer. Gensou Skydrift is a Touhou themed racing game, where instead of driving karts, characters take turns standing on one another and fly over the ground. This game is currently available for the PC (Steam) and Nintendo […]