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Demon Queen Melissa – Review | Triple Trouble

Hot off the press, Demon Queen Melissa is one of the latest releases from adult games publisher Kagura Games. Initially released in 2016 by Japanese doujin developers Acerola, Demon Queen Melissa was initially skipped over for translation in favor of other titles. With the game finally receiving an English release, will this seven-year-old H-game still […]

Holy Paladin Cynthia - Featured Image
Adult Game JRPG Review

Holy Paladin Cynthia – Review | A Spunky Adventure

Holy Paladin Cynthia offers a tale older than time. That of a young knight, looking to prove their mettle for Lord and Country. But things aren’t as they seem in Heliotrope, and the titular Cynthia must learn not only the sword, but how to polish them. Many of them. Like, an obscene amount. Developed by […]

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle - Featured
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Nina Aquilla: Legal Eagle – Review | The Face of Justice

If you were to explain the concept of “a Legal-Themed video game” it sounds frightfully boring. We’re talking about a profession where a single case can take multiple months and an absurd amount of paperwork to keep track of! …Riveting stuff, right? But take the base elements of a legal trial: a crime or dispute […]