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The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons – Walkthrough & Guide

The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons includes a common route with a ladder structure. It contains four routes, some of which have unlock conditions. This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various routes, and explain the situation regarding the patch. If you’ve not yet purchased this game, you may wish […]

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Crymachina – Review | What Does it Mean to be Human?

What does it mean to be a real human? This question is at the core of Crymachina, an action RPG set in a world where humanity died out long ago. NIS America is bringing us this emotional sci-fi tale from developer FURYU. Humans Never Change Crymachina opens as Leben wakes up in a robotic body. […]

Crymachina - Featured Image Guide
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Crymachina – Portals, Bosses and Coordinates Guide

Crymachina is a fairly straightforward game in terms of playing through the story, but it does offer some optional hidden content. There are unlockable portals in many of the levels with tough mini-bosses and you can enter subnetwork coordinates to try and unlock new optional levels. This guide will provide some information about how to […]

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System Shock (2023) – Review

Back in 1994, Looking Glass Studios would release System Shock. This title pioneered not only the immersive simulation genre but opened the eyes of games to the world of Sci-Fi horror; A genre that would eventually spawn a ‘little-known’ franchise called Bioshock. In 2023 Nightdive Studios released System Shock, hoping to give newer sets of […]

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Beta-Sixdouze – Review

Taking place long after the events of Alpha-Nighthawk, Beta-Sixdouze is another sci-fi romance, if one with a somewhat different tone through most of its story. This title by Liar-soft and Shiravune still features mecha battles, unusual powers, and some furry characters (Neo-Fennecs), but feels much lighter than its predecessor. To get it out of the way, […]

The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons - Featured Image
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The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons – Review

The English release of Laplacian’s The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons was one of my highly anticipated visual novels of 2023. Future Radio promises science fiction that radically reshapes society and a mystery with a solid hook, which were enough to get me on board. Silent Planet The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons has […]

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Scars Above – Review | Scrumptious Sci-Fi Shooter 

Sci-fi is a tricky genre to nail. Sometimes, it can truly immerse you in its world, narrative, and characters. However, on other occasions, it can come across as rather shallow and unimaginative. Mad House Games have given fans of the genre a game that promises a “mysterious alien world”, “challenging” gameplay, and an “intricate” story. […]

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Alpha-Nighthawk – Review | Sci-Fi and Furries

I’ve seen Alpha-Nighthawk by Liar-soft and Shiravune written off as a ‘furry’ visual novel. While it does have human/animal hybrids, it’s much more than just that. A Sci-Fi romance set mostly in a lawless slum abandoned by the military, it features mecha battles, powers bordering on the supernatural, a threat to humanity, and much more […]

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Beyond a Steel Sky – Review

Revolution Software are known for their visionary approach to the puzzle adventure genre and with Beyond a Steel Sky (a spiritual successor to 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky), they have coated a classic formula in a new sheen of paint. Having spent a great deal of my formative gaming years bending my head around the multilayered puzzles of […]