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Anonymous;Code – Review | Hack The Future

The Science Adventure series is visual novel royalty, spawning highly regarded entries like Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child, as well as the phenomenon that is Steins;Gate. With several years since the last mainline series release (even longer since the last one available in English), Science Adventure fans, myself included, have been eagerly awaiting ANONYMOUS;CODE. There’s plenty to […]

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Chaos;Child – Review | Gods and Delusions

Chaos;Child has been available in English for a while now but was recently re-released on Switch as part of a double pack with its predecessor Chaos;Head NOAH. After making my way through Chaos;Head and finding a lot to like, I was curious how the follow-up would compare. Echoes of Madness Chaos;Child is a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head. It’s […]

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Chaos;Head NOAH – Review | Whose Eyes Are Those Eyes?

While it was Steins;Gate that popularized the Science Adventure series with Western audiences, the series began with Chaos;Head. Chaos;Head is less widely read. It’s story is perhaps not as immediately accessible as those of the other Science Adventure games. More significantly, there was no official English version, that is until the recent localization of Chaos;Head […]

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Robotics;Notes Elite – Review | Conspiracy and Giant Robots

Robotics;Notes Elite is the fifth main entry in the Science Adventure series chronologically, with the well-known Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate being the first and second respectively. That said, while some references to previous games may be missed and you will not know some backstory, it is completely fine to come into this visual novel as your […]