Summer in Mara - Featured
Anime Indie Review Simulation

Summer in Mara – Review | A Farming Adventure

Introduction Hop onto this boat, grab some sunscreen and join us as I’m your captain in this adventure towards the sea. Let’s raise our sails for this grand voyage to your Summer in Mara, developed and published by Chibig. Before anyone says it, my grandfather has a boat and I’m the third captain in line […]

Rover Wars - Featured
Indie MOBA Review RTS

Rover Wars – Review | Tactical Mayhem with Friends

Robot Wars meets RTS gameplay In the not-so-distant past, I was tasked with reviewing Trailer Trashers by Sakari Games, and I found their brand of violent (and yet relaxing) couch multiplayer refreshing – so much so that I immediately shot my hand up when the opportunity to review another game of theirs arrived. Alas, here we are: […]

Action Arcade Review

Streets of Rage 4 – Review | Punch You In the Face

I grew up in the 90’s; the era of Arcades and DDR competitions. Consoles themselves were home to titles whose sole objective was getting the highest score. Double Dragon and Streets of Rage were two franchises I frequented. The game-play was so addictive. It was also nice to be unlocking extra additions simply by playing the game. Something that […]

The Inner Friend - Featured
Horror Indie Review

The Inner Friend – Review | Deep Dive Into Fear

Introduction All games take the player on a journey of some sort or another, but few tackle a journey into the depths of the psyche. The Inner Friend attempts just this, providing the player an opportunity to explore dreams, memories, and the mental, all set within a fractured and surreal game world. Developed by PLAYMIND […]

Mahou Arms - Featured Amelia
Adult Game Dating Sim Hack'N'Slash Review

Mahou Arms – Early Impressions | Magical Girls VS Aliens

Introduction Mahou Arms pits a small paramilitary group of magical girls against an alien invasion who have almost subjugated the human race. You have to hack and slash your way through hordes of aliens in this anime-inspired game for the PC. Just be careful or the aliens will hack and slash their way through your […]

Sakura Wars - Featured
Anime Dating Sim Hack'N'Slash JRPG Review

Sakura Wars – Review | Maidens Armed with Steel

It’s showtime! The newest installment of Sakura Wars is finally releasing on the PlayStation 4. You may have read my preview of this title, but now it’s time for the full review. This is the latest title in a series where you command an all-female musical theater troupe who also double as the city’s defense […]

Sakura Wars - Preview Title
Action Anime Dating Sim Hack'N'Slash Review

Sakura Wars – Preview | The New Imperial Combat Revue

Note: The full review of Sakura Wars can be found here. This is a pre-release preview. Introduction It’s time to raise the curtains on the newest instalment of Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4 – otherwise known as Project Sakura Wars or Shin Sakura Taisen. It’s a dramatic 3D action-adventure series that has you take command […]

Solar Echoes: The Star Legation Title
Review Visual Novel

Solar Echoes: The Star Legation – KickStarter Preview

Introduction Solar Echoes – The Star Legation is a Sci-Fi-themed Original English Language visual novel (OELVN) by Corefun Studios – or at least it is planned to be. I am writing this preview of the game based on a demo, with the Kickstarter due to begin as I publish this article. Please keep in mind […]