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Panorama Cotton – Review | Faux-3D

The pre-3D era was an exciting time. Developers were using all kinds of visual shenanigans to give off the impression of 3D, without actually being 3D at all. Arcade games like Space Harrier pioneered and even perfected, this faux-3D look, and some even hold up today. Panorama Cotton, a game that was previously only released […]

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Space Moth: Lunar Edition – Review | Blast of Color

Shmups are a funny ol’ genre. They can make a game out of the simplest themes ranging from Witches to spaceships. Then you also have cute ’em-ups and the stuff in-between. There are not many Moth-based games though, which makes Space Moth: Lunar Edition stand out. Fly Me To The Moon Space Moth: Lunar Edition […]

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Action FPS Indie Review

Forgive Me Father – Review | Lovecraftian Boomer Shooter

Forgive Me Father is a classic “Boomer Shooter” with a splattering of Lovecraftian Nightmare and a side of Mafia. Sounds like a good meal right? Let’s tuck in! Note: The first half of this review is based on Early Access. Find our Version 1.0 update below. Devil in a Midnight Mass Forgive Me Father slaps […]

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Gleylancer – Review

The Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis to some of you) was one hell of a little machine. Not just home to some of Sega’s finest first-party titles, but also the landing zone for some of the best shoot-em-ups of that generation. Games like Sagaia, Musha, and Thunderforce paved the way for generations to come. Gleylancer […]

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix - Featured Image
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Raiden IV x Mikado Remix – Review

Few shoot-em-ups carry as much recognition and heft as Raiden. Gracing both Arcades and home consoles, Raiden’s mix of high challenge, slapping music, and iconic red and green sprite is known the world over. Unfortunately, Raiden has fallen on some hard times recently with Raiden V being a particularly poor entry in the venerable series. […]

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Star Hunter DX – Review

Star Hunter DX is named as such because you’re a space bounty hunter. The game is a Shmup/Bullet Hell/Fly Shoot Dodge ’em up so it fits the naming convention of the genre. Is it worth jetting off to the stars for? Let’s have a gander, shall we? Fly Me to the Moon! Luna Starr (see […]

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Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ – Review

I am a recently converted fan of the Cult of Shmup, with the recently released Cotton Reboot being the catalyst to my indoctrination. Despite being a relative newbie, even I have heard of the Arcade Legend, Darius. When word reached my ear that a new title, lengthily named, Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ was releasing for Playstation 4 […]