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Thymesia – Review | Plague? More like a Mild Cold

Thymesia is the latest title donning the mask of “Soulslike”. This time around, it takes inspiration from Plague Doctors, while trying to fill a hole that was Borne a fair few years ago. The Man in the Fragrant Mask Thymesia puts you behind the plague mask of “Corvus”. They’re the kingdom’s last hope at stopping a maddening […]

Mortal Shell - Featured
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Mortal Shell – Review | Yet another Souls-like?

A Love Letter Every once in a while, a game or franchise comes along that so flawlessly executes its concept that the formula it lays out becomes a sort of genre unto itself. In recent years, one of these titles is the incredible Dark Souls series. It’s very difficult to talk about Mortal Shell without mentioning this, because at […]