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Action JRPG Review

Final Fantasy XVI – Review

Set in a medieval society where slavery is widespread and unescorted travelers are likelier to find their throats slit than safety, Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have the lightest tone. This action JRPG tells an epic story spanning years and takes the protagonist over a wide world. Start of a Journey Final Fantasy XVI wastes no […]

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Featured Image
Action JRPG Review

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Review

Once upon a time, Final Fantasy VII received a collection of media dubbed “The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII”. This featured several sequels to the game in the form of a third-person shooter, a film, some light novels, and more. Perhaps the most notable of these was a title on Sony’s first foray into handheld […]

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JRPG Review

Live A Live – Review

Live A Live has long remained one of the crown jewels in the fan-translation treasury. Now, decades on, Square Enix have decided to bestow on the world a remake of the classic that had never officially left Japan. How does this once illusive title stack up in modern JRPG times? Let’s Live A Little and […]

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Review RPG Strategy Visual Novel

Triangle Strategy – Review | Text-Heavy, but an Amazing SRPG

Triangle Strategy might sound like a placeholder name for a title, but it’s one that funnily enough encapsulates what it’s all about. It plunges you into the world of Norzelia, a continent divided into 3 kingdoms that are celebrating 30 years of peace after a horrific war tore through the lands. You’ll find yourself taking […]

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Racing Review

Chocobo GP – Review | Better Than Expected

In a surprising revival of Chocobo Racing, Square Enix has released Chocobo GP – a kart racing game featuring some fan-favorite figures from Final Fantasy, along with some new entries. With some players raging over microtransactions, is there a gem shining under some controversial decisions? Or should you instead go for the near-simultaneous release of […]

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Action JRPG Review

Final Fantasy VII EPISODE INTERmission – Review

Final Fantasy VII EPISODE INTERmission adds a separate but connected story onto the Final Fantasy VII Remake. While focusing on Yuffie, a 16-year-old ninja from Wutai who was an optional character in the original game, it brings in quite a lot more. Side Story Yuffie arrives in Midgar on a mission to steal the ultimate […]