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Pikmin 1+2 – Review

With every Nintendo generation comes iconic titles. The NES had Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Kirby, the SNES saw Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and F-Zero rise to the challenge, and the Wii-U had Splatoon. Our review today focuses on the franchise that was born on GameCube, Pikmin, with the Switch release of Pikmin 1+2. Pikmin 1+2 […]

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Mini Motorways – Review | Road Puzzles On The Go

Starting from the Apple Arcade in September 2019, Mini Motorways has since traveled across platforms to PC (Windows, macOS) in July 2021 and later made its way to Nintendo Switch in May 2022. Hop onto the transportation planner’s seat in this indie strategy simulation game by Dinosaur Polo Club and command various road networks around the globe! […]

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Cat Cafe Manager – Review | Delightful Days in Caterwaul Way

Whether you enjoy seeing cats or running your own cafe (or both!) in games, get ready to be enchanted by Cat Cafe Manager, a 2D management simulation developed by Roost Games and published by Freedom Games for PC and Nintendo Switch. Released on 14 April 2022, this indie title has an ESRB rating of Teen and […]

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Triangle Strategy – Review | Text-Heavy, but an Amazing SRPG

Triangle Strategy might sound like a placeholder name for a title, but it’s one that funnily enough encapsulates what it’s all about. It plunges you into the world of Norzelia, a continent divided into 3 kingdoms that are celebrating 30 years of peace after a horrific war tore through the lands. You’ll find yourself taking […]

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Poker Club – Review

From the word go, Poker Club promises to offer an immersive Poker experience using realistic graphics and animations. To that end, I can say that the developers have succeeded in realizing this vision for it. Colors of a Gambler I played Poker Club on the Switch. It’s pretty much the perfect console for tabletop games […]

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Phantom Brave – Review | Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1

Back when I was a strapping young lad, I was a huge fan of Nippon Ichi Software. Whilst I knew nobody who appreciated their games, they crafted some of the best turn-based strategy games to ever grace the humble PS2. Masterpieces like Disgaea, La Pucelle Tactics, and Makai Kingdom showed off the company’s desire to […]

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Soul Nomad – Review | Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1

I’ve played an awful lot of NIS titles. They were pivotal parts of my childhood and, yeah, I played practically all of them. Soul Nomad & The World Eaters is one of the very few games that I haven’t dabbled in (until now), so I was quite excited to see what interesting systems and mechanics […]

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Eiyu*Senki Gold – A New Conquest – Review

Eiyu*Senki Gold – A New Conquest is an adult strategy game, where you conquer the world, meet female versions of famous historical and mythological figures and quite often sleep with them. Ever wanted to see Tutankhamun as a cute anime girl? How about burying your own Excalibur in King Arthur? This might be for you. […]