Skelattack - Featured
Action Indie Platformer Review

Skelattack – Review | Save the Underworld

Introduction Skelattack is an action platformer with a touch of metroidvania thrown in. This recent release was developed by Ukuza and published by KONAMI. It provides a very enjoyable experience, with decent gameplay, solid music, adorable visuals, and it has a remarkable art style. If this sounds interesting, read on… Story Skelattack tells us the […]

Summer in Mara - Featured
Anime Indie Review Simulation

Summer in Mara – Review | A Farming Adventure

Introduction Hop onto this boat, grab some sunscreen and join us as I’m your captain in this adventure towards the sea. Let’s raise our sails for this grand voyage to your Summer in Mara, developed and published by Chibig. Before anyone says it, my grandfather has a boat and I’m the third captain in line […]

Dating Sim Review Visual Novel

Monster Prom XXL – Review | An Upcoming Promposal!

BACK WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL… Monster Prom XXL is a Visual Novel/Dating Simulator that’ll have you flirting with your classmates. Whether it’s male or female, there’s no discrimination. I’ve got to applaud this. Not many titles are LGBTQ+ friendly, and it’s a criticism that’s plagued gaming. That’s a thing of the past as they’re […]

Many Faces - Featured
Indie Review Rogue-Like Shooter

Many Faces – Review | A Faceless Shooter

One of Many Faces The Nintendo Switch is a melting pot of indie titles, many of which are pretty awful but contribute to the successful smothering of legitimately good games. Roguelikes, arguably my favorite sub-genre, are the most egregious of offenders. It is impossible to search the eShop without nimbly navigating a nefarious nexus of […]

Review Rogue-Like

Atomicrops – Review | Farming with a Side of Hell

PLANT A POTATO AND SHOOT A BUNNY! While enjoying a peaceful romp in Stardew Valley, a thought cropped up. One thing that would round this experience out would be if I could shoot things. I would love to be able to kill while planting and harvesting. Not just typical foliage either. My mind was specific in what […]

Indie Platformer Review

Shantae and The Seven Sirens – Review | Or Is It Waifus?

LET’S RUB THIS LAMP! After four long years, Shantae is finally back. Last we saw of her, she was rescuing Scuttle Town in Half-Genie Hero. Things are a bit different now. Our favorite purple-haired Waifu is on vacation. In a genre I’ve lovingly dubbed “The Waifu Metroidvania”, Shantae will harness her magical prowess to defeat a new threat in this silly adventure. […]

Ion Fury - Featured
Action FPS Indie Review Shooter

Ion Fury – Review | A Rampageous “Old-School” FPS

First Person Shooters have been a lucrative genre since inception, mostly down to the overwhelming, and continued success of the DOOM franchise. The ’90s were where it was at. The dawn of a new age. The coming of death, blood, monsters, and more importantly – puns. It was a glorious time. A rampageous time. But […]

Rover Wars - Featured
Indie MOBA Review RTS

Rover Wars – Review | Tactical Mayhem with Friends

Robot Wars meets RTS gameplay In the not-so-distant past, I was tasked with reviewing Trailer Trashers by Sakari Games, and I found their brand of violent (and yet relaxing) couch multiplayer refreshing – so much so that I immediately shot my hand up when the opportunity to review another game of theirs arrived. Alas, here we are: […]

Stela Title
Indie Platformer Puzzle Review

Stela – Review | An Atmospheric 2D Puzzle Platformer

Introduction Games that successfully manage to stimulate the ol’ limbic system and stir feelings of true, tangible emotion are few and far between. That being said, there is one genre that seemingly thrives when it comes to achieving such a response – creepy 2D Adventure Puzzle Platformers (quite the mouthful). Stela falls slap-bang in the […]