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ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle for Oculus Quest 2 – Review

The Oculus Quest 2 (or Meta Quest 2 as they’re now calling it) is an amazing headset, as we explained in our review. But sometimes you want things to feel a little more real. If you’re waving a sword or golf club about in virtual reality, the shape of the controller in your hand does break the immersion a bit. But this is where the ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle for Oculus Quest 2 comes in.

The ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle for Oculus Quest 2 (or ZyberVR EH01) allows you to slot your controllers into one of three shapes. In simple terms, it’s an accessory that lets you feel more like gripping the handle of a sword, rather than a controller.


Setting up the ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle isn’t too difficult, but it did take me a while to get the hang of it. Luckily it comes with clear instructions in English.

The handle itself is no problem. Everything screws and unscrews easily. The only minor issue I came across was when I tried to grip the wrong place, then it twisted the rubber. Luckily it’s high-quality rubber and just sprang back into place without damage.

Inserting the controllers is a little more time-consuming. The battery cover needs to be removed first to remove the wrist straps, which pop out easily. Putting this all back together later is fairly easy, as long as you don’t try to put it in backward as I did initially. After this, a clip-in buckle is used to secure the controller into the handle. It’s all very secure, but the buckle does take some getting used to as it needs to be lined up perfectly.

All-in-all, it could be easier, but won’t take more than a few minutes after some practice.

One nice unexpected feature here is that the ZyberVR EH01 includes adjustable weights, much like the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller. This is great for anyone wanting to adjust the feel of the handle.

ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle - One Handed and Extended

Handle Modes

As mentioned, the ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle Long Handle Mode can be set into three different shapes. These are:

  • Short Handle Mode
  • Long Handle Mode
  • Dual Handle Mode

Depending on the game, these could be used for golf clubs, oars, a wide variety of melee weapons, and more. Most similar products I’ve come across can only do one of these, so it’s a clear benefit.

Personally, I’ve found the short handle mode to be the most useful, just because there are so many suitable games with swords. But there are a wide variety of golf games and I do recall a few games which can be modded to include a double-sided lightsaber.

Whatever the mode, it does feel like a quality accessory in terms of build. I’ve taken quite a few rather violent swings at virtual enemies, and it’s felt totally solid, despite the modular build. The rubber grip feels great too and has never let my hand slip off it, even after long sessions of rhythm games. I’ve not had any issues with tracking being blocked either, which has been a concern with some similar products.

ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle - Removable Weights


It is worth a note that these types of accessories in general aren’t for everything and are not perfect.

For games that they’re suitable for, there may be some adjustments. For example, in Beat Saber it took me a while to adjust to the swords being slightly further forward due to them not being directly in my hand.

Many games it just isn’t ideal for though. While in Beat Saber all you do with the controllers is swing them, other games are more complex. For example, it works great to swing a sword in Sairento VR, but it gets in the way when that sword is switched out for a gun. In the stealth kayak game Phantom: Covert Ops, it’s great for the rowing motion, but awkward when holding down the grip buttons to hold the oar or again the rare occasions a gun needs to be pulled out.

With this said, if you are looking for an access only for sword games, then this similar product may be better.

It is worth mentioning that none of the buttons are blocked using the handle though so menus and such can be used and some VR games do have options to make this easier.


The ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle for Oculus Quest 2 feels like a premium product and does what it sets out to do admirably. It is a little more time-consuming than I’d like to set up, but it makes up for it due to the high-quality feel and variety of options.


Platforms: Oculus Quest 2 / Meta Quest 2
Purchase: ZyberVR (International)
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Many thanks go to ZyberVR for a review unit.

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