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NookGaming publishes reviews, features, weekly news, and the occasional guide. We have a focus on niche games such as visual novels, anime games, virtual reality games and so on, but will cover any type of game from the latest Grand Theft Auto to obscure indie games. We primarily cover games on the PC and modern consoles, but occasionally look elsewhere. We also cover light novels, manga, and anime. Want to know why we’re named NookGaming? It’s nothing to do with a certain tanuki! A ‘nook’ in this case refers to a quiet place where you might curl up with a book, and a lot of our focus as a website involve games with a lot of reading.

At times, we may publish other articles such as a blog about gaming events we have attended or particularly interesting news. Feel free to contact us and let us know what sort of content you would be interested in seeing.

We started focusing on primarily providing coverage of visual novels and other anime-related games. Since that time, we have widened our coverage to include all areas of gaming, anime, light novels, manga and more. We have been recognised as a legitimate review site by companies such as SEGA, NIS America and PQube having received previews of games, invitations to media events, and having extracts from our reviews cited on store pages. We are listed on OpenCritic, having met their criteria. We’ve even presented at Visual;Conference (and even been on an EGX panel about Virtual Reality in pre-NookGaming days)!

Our writers are a mix of new staff who have been trained in-house and those who have written for other websites. Some have worked on games, some are highly educated in other areas, and some work in professional positions. There are however no formal requirements other than passing our evaluation: While our evaluation process is strict, we welcome anyone to apply. See more information on our Join Us page.

Please see our Review Policy page for information about our scoring, ethics, and editorial oversight of the articles we post.

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NookGaming does have costs to stay in operation. The revenue generated from this website supports the server and associated costs which can be quite high. At peak times the website can slow down – we hope to improve the servers used through this to change that, so your support is appreciated. We primarily use affiliate links to fund our running costs, along with donations. This does not cost you anything additional and is something the store does to drive sales.

We do ensure that this does not affect scoring or opinions with writers generally separate from this process.

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