Review My Game

Would you like us to review your game or visual novel?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] with a description of your game and any relevant media/links.

If there are any issues e-mailing, you can DM us on Twitter.

Do You Review All Games Requested?

We do review all titles that we request a review code for unless there’s a strong reason not to. This doesn’t count if we’ve received a review code unsolicited, though these are still appreciated. Unsolicited codes we sometimes use with new reviewers if there’s no immediate interest.

That said, as we specialize in reviews that take a more in-depth look at games, we spend quite a lot of time on each title. We just don’t have the time to review everything we want to or are asked to. Most of our reviewers work full time and just review on the side.

As is the case with many outlets, we get a lot of requests to review games. Sometimes we’re essentially booked up for a month or more in advance and may receive 15+ offers on an extremely busy day. Then on other days, we might only get a handful. But as the nature of review websites is often uncertain, we’re sometimes unexpectedly free too. Please feel free to contact us, but we may not be able to get back to you just due to the volume of messages we receive.

Do You Review Anything Else?

While games/visual novels are what we primarily review, the majority of our audience is interested in anime-related content. As such, we also review light novels and manga. In addition, we’ll review hardware and accessories or anything else of interest to our audience.

How Do You Decide What To Review?

This is primarily based on the interest of our team members. If we receive an offer to request a review code or a review code, it will be shared with our team on a channel. Then anyone interested can say they’d like to review it, or no one does.

Views can be a concern too. While we’ll review something we have an interest in even if we don’t expect many views, it does help if we think our audience will be interested.

If your game is a visual novel or anime-related, this will boost your chances.

Do You Write Previews of Kickstarter Demos?

Occasionally, though only for visual novels so far. Send us a demo well in advance of the Kickstarter for the best chance of success. Most of the time we get asked to do this, it’s mid-Kickstarter and we’d not be finished before it ends.

It’s also appreciated if you link the preview on your Kickstarter/Steam page if you’re happy with the outcome. This can also help increase the reputation of your project to have a testimonial or two linked.

How About a Curator Review?

If you’d specifically like a Steam Curator review, feel free to send us a copy of the game via our Steam Curator. But if you’d like a written review, it’s better to get in contact via e-mail and send us a key if we request it. We’ll add a Steam Curator review in addition if we review it on the website.

Please do not send giveaway copies through the Steam Curator. This has happened several times unsolicited, but Steam Curator keys can only be redeemed by admins on the Steam Curator. As such, they cannot be used as giveaway keys.

Be aware that we don’t actively promote our Steam Curator and it’s just a secondary channel.

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