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My Little Sister’s Special Place – Review

My Little Sister’s Special Place (Imouto no Seiiki) is the second title in feng’s trilogy of ‘Special Place’ visual novels. Each one of these titles was published by Sekai Project/Denpasoft and focuses on a different heroine or two, with this being the little sister’s turn.

While this is the second of a trilogy all set in Akibahara, these are all standalone titles and can be read alone. That said, My Little Sister’s Special Place does drop a notable spoiler for the earlier My Girlfriend’s Special Place, so if you plan to play the entire trilogy, it’s advisable to start from the beginning.

My Little Sister's Special Place - The Apron


Yukana loves her brother Youhei. This is clear from the onset. She has a touch of tsundere behavior, occasionally acting harshly toward him and pretending she doesn’t want attention, but she doesn’t hide it well at all. She’s not just attached to him, but is fairly clear about wanting to take his virginity and often projects onto him, saying he’s into little sisters… but he isn’t.

There’s a lot of comedy centered around Yukana in My Little Sister’s Special Place. She constantly comes out with silly lines like accusations that her brother is an invader from Planet Little Sister Boob and references his ‘little sister virginity’. I found it amusing and thought it worked well, but I could see it being a bit much for some readers.

Whilst Yukana is somewhat of a pervert and finds it difficult to remain serious at times, there is a deeper story behind her love for her brother. That said, the initial impression is more about her playing to the anime little sister archetype, but taking it much further with thoughts like licking Youhei all over to wake him up.

My Little Sister's Special Place - Fuyuka

Winter Lovers

By chance, Yukana gets a free trip. While originally planning to include their older sister too, things work out so that Yukana and Youhei are alone for not just the trip, but the entire winter holiday. Throughout this time, we see them become closer as Yukana’s backstory is slowly revealed. While some early hints are dropped around an accident, and knock-on effects can be seen throughout the entire story, it holds most of the more serious plot-relevant reveals back until the end.

Throughout most of My Little Sister’s Special Place, it focuses more on the feelings involved. Despite Yukana’s perverted nature, there are actual touching moments between them and you can tell she cares deeply. This tends to be shown more through solo moments of introspection, which I felt was a good way to handle them considering Yukana’s less-than-serious nature.

It’s worth mentioning that despite the taboo nature of sibling love, this isn’t taken too seriously. There are some reservations about it, and discussions about guilt and the nature of their relationship which was interesting to read, but it doesn’t take it very far. Admittedly, it’s limited by the short length of the visual novel, having taken me only 3.5 hours to read. Instead, more time is spent on fun interactions with Yukana, the adult content, and other parts of the story.

The story leads to four possible endings, but one is very clearly the true ending with the others leading to an early end or being very short. You can read about this in our guide to My Little Sister’s Special Place.

My Little Sister's Special Place - Maika

The Other Heroines Are Here

Whilst the star of My Little Sister’s Special Place is Yukana, the heroines of My Girlfriend’s Special Place and My Academy’s Special Place make appearances here too. Each standalone title works as an alternate universe where similar, but slightly different, events play out leading to a very different story from the start.

A near-miss happens with Fuyuka from the previous title, with Yukana meeting her early on in the story instead of Youhei. Whilst the upper-class girl doesn’t make many appearances, she plays an important role in moving events forward. She’s handled in a particularly interesting way in one of the endings too, though again it was just a brief appearance.

The older sister Yaeka ends up being absent most of the time. Beyond being the subject of jokes, we don’t see her much as she’s swiftly moved out of the picture to not interfere with establishing Yukana and Youhei’s relationship. Older sister enjoyers will need to read My Academy’s Special Place instead.

The half-Russian Maika was given more significant moments than Yaeka, acting as a supportive friend to both Youhei and Yaeka. Whilst more subtle, she clearly likes Youhei too. One late-story moment did make me feel sad for her losing her chance, which I can only imagine was designed to push sales of My Academy’s Special Place so readers could experience her route.

My Little Sister's Special Place - Sullied by Onii-chan (Patch Content)

Little Sister or Lover?

My Little Sister’s Special Place is an adult title. I’d recommend getting the adult version directly from Denpasoft or using the patch to enable it.

Quite a lot of My Little Sister’s Special Place involves adult content, whether directly or less so, such as Youhei’s feelings about having a sexual relationship with Yukana. A few important topics are brought up during the H-scene dialogue too that deepen character development, though most of the time it’s reiterated outside of it later.

Unlike My Girlfriend’s Special Place which had a clear niche theme for the adult content, My Little Sister’s Special Place is fairly standard, aside from the little sister aspect. The main thing that stands out is just how forthright Yukana is about pursuing it. Special outfits pop up a few times, including the legendary naked apron.

My Little Sister’s Special Place includes 13 H scenes, though a couple of them do reuse variants of CGs from other scenes. They’re all uncensored without mosaics and the art is generally very good without any odd anatomy issues aside from a couple of questionable angles.

Art, Sound, and Languages

There are 22 regular CGs and 8 in the super-deformed style, which is quite a few. If playing without adult content, the amount of regular CGs will be heavily limited. A few CGs are shared with the previous visual novel in the series. My Little Sister’s Special Place runs at 1920×1080.

This is a budget title, so unsurprisingly sprites are fairly limited. The four heroines for the series have sprites, but others are only voiced. That said, most other characters rarely appear.

I enjoyed the opening song “Honto no Tokoro” which was performed by Yukana’s voice actress, who I found played the character well. She’s an experienced voice actress with a few other visual novel songs and over 200 other characters performed. Notably, she played Haruhime from Kunado Chronicles, Yuzuyu from Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ and Mina from Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche.

This visual novel supports multilanguage display. English, Japanese, and Chinese are all available and two languages can be displayed at once.

My Little Sister's Special Place - Happy Ending


I enjoyed reading through My Little Sister’s Special Place. Yukana brings a lot of comedy while aggressively pursuing Youhei, but it still manages to pull off the odd emotional moment and serious plot element. It heavily relies on adult content, but still manages to create an attachment to the heroine and other characters along the way.


Platforms: PC (Various)
Purchase Link: Denpasoft
Guide: Click Here

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Many thanks go to Sekai Project for a PC review code for My Little Sister’s Special Place.

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