UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys: Celes - Featured Image
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UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys: Celes is the latest in the rather niche “anime fighting game” franchise developed by French-Bread, famous for the Melty Blood series. Will this game add to the ever-growing landscape of fighting games in 2024, or be condemned to death on arrival? The Midnight Hour Approaches For fans of the lore […]

BlazBlue: Entropy Effect - Featured Image
Action Review Rogue-Like

BlazBlue: Entropy Effect – Review

BlazBlue has seemingly always prided itself on strange titles, much in the vein of the completely nonsensical naming conventions of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Big hair and daft names aside, one aspect BlazBlue hasn’t fully capitalized on yet is spin-off titles. But things are about to change with the Early Access release of BlazBlue: Entropy […]

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Review | A Beary Good Time

Anime, JRPG, and fighting game fans can rejoice. The P-1 tournament is back. Grab your tarot card or evoker, strengthen your social links, and have a great day at your Junes. It’s time for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Persona has become a little bit of a household name since Atlus released the enhanced port of […]

Kowloon High-School Chronicle - Featured
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Kowloon High-School Chronicle – Review

Are you a fan of school-based visual novels? What about anime? Classic first-person dungeon crawlers? Indiana Jones? What if I told you there was a game that took all of those things, grabbed a steamroller made from an infinite number of smaller steamrollers, and mashed them together into one game? I suspect you would brandish […]