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Horror Puzzle Review

The Medium – Review

Horror games have seen a bit of a resurgence as of late. There have been some absolute bangers erupting from every rust encrusted, slime coated orifice imaginable. Bloober Team, for better or for worse, has been one of the most consistent when it comes to delivering passable spooks at a reasonable price. The Medium, however, […]

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Horror Review

Layers of Fear 2 – Review | No Name, No Face, No Scares.

A little over 10-years ago, the horror genre was given a right-good shakeup with the runaway success of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Guns were on the out, and defenseless protagonists facing off against unspeakable, unseeable monstrosities were in. Those tropes got pretty darn old, pretty darn fast and that’s where Layers of Fear 2 comes […]